the Cicadas 2021 Georgia

the Cicadas 2021 Georgia

Cicadas 2021 Georgia

Cicadas are that ageless music. They’ve been part of human life for about 500,000 years, and for the past few summers, Georgia is the place to get your fill.



These cicadas started their lives as eggs on tree leaves. Newly hatched cicadas fall from the trees and go back down into the soil where they’ll spend the next 17 years of their lives, sucking on the sap from tree roots for energy. Seventeen years later, the nymphs come up from the ground, climb up a tree or power pole and molt, leaving that charming skin lying around. Then they’ll spend the next couple of weeks above ground searching for a mate, mating and laying eggs on tree branches. Then they die and the process repeats itself.

Did you know there are two types of cica

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