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the Ballottrax Georgia

Ballottrax Georgia

Georgia-based ballroom dance instruction program Ballottrax recently spoke with Lean In Fund about how they built a passionate community and increased revenue.



Much of the confusion involved a disconnect between the theoretical progress of a ballot and on-the-ground reality. For example, some counties sent out ballots a few days after the official mailing date that the state and BallotTrax used. As a result, some voters who were advised that their ballots had been sent had a disconcertingly long wait before the ballots actually landed in their mailboxes. That was particularly disturbing at a time when people were already worried about the reliability of the U.S. Postal Service.

BallotTrax’s mission is to let voters know the whereabouts of their ballot “before they ask,” as its marketing slogan proclaims. In theory, voters could relax and county registrars would get fewer calls seeking confirmation that their ballots had been recorded. But while the state, and many registrars and voters, said they’d use BallotTrax again, it didn’t seem to have its intended effect. In ten of the 52 counties surveyed by CalMatters, including Humboldt, Imperial and Mendocino, registrars were surprised by the number of queries from agitated voters about the BallotTrax messages themselves. (Source: calmatters.org)



If voters never receive a notification that their ballot has been received by their county’s elections office, they can contact local election officials to find out whether something went wrong, Olsen said. BallotTrax will also let voters know whether absentee ballots are rejected, giving them time to correct problems with missing or mismatched signatures.

Some people may have to vote provisionally on Election Day. A provisional ballot is a backup paper ballot that poll workers use when they cannot determine eligibility at the time of voting. Voters may be given a provisional ballot if their eligibility cannot be determined, or if they do not have the correct ID with them. Voters must contact their county to fix any eligibility issues before Friday, Jan. 8 at 5 pm. (Source: allvotingislocal.org)



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