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Special a Characters

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Innocent and carefree, Tadashi is ranked 5th in school. His mother, a fierce and intimidating woman, is the director of the school and the primary reason why he is in the SA; she told him he would be allowed to do whatever he wanted if he became a member of the SA. He suffers from wanderlust and frequently likes to vanish on some journey and return later for special school events. Often, when he is frustrated, sad, or angry, he enjoys going to a lake he had discovered when he was a child, he has only shown the lake to a few people, among them is Hikari. Tadashi is smarter than he looks and acts, though is usually the character who is most often comically attacked (frequently by Akira and Kei) because of his careless comments or reckless behavior. He loves Akira, but often makes rude, weird, stupid or inappropriate comments that provoke her to beat him up. Tadashi also seems to enjoy playing with puppets, is fond of Akira's cooking, and appears to like provoking her. They eventually begin to date after Tadashi reveals that he does not like it when Akira attends arranged marriage meetings, making Tadashi and Akira the first couple within the S.A group.

Aoi Ogata is a junior secretary of President Takishima, Kei's grandfather, and often serves as the President's emissary. A young man of exemplary ability, he is nineteen years old. Aoi has a cold and calm character, and has always been expressionless, not smiling even once, but is actually kindhearted and socially awkward in some respects. Like Kei, he has the ability to see something only once and memorize it, though his ability made him a victim of teasing as a child. He first met Kei when he was eight and Kei was five, and came to admire and deeply respect Kei, coming to see him as an almost kindred spirit. He first appears in chapter 27. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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