social studies teacher resume example

social studies teacher resume example

social studies teacher resume example

Job opportunities for educators are constantly in demand. Check out these job openings to learn instructional strategies and ways to work within your own community of interest.

Study Teacher Resume

Teaching at the high school level, the Social Studies Teacher is responsible for teaching students the concept of history, politic, civics, and economics. The day-to-day task of these Teachers revolve around many duties, but the highlighting ones included in the Social Studies Teacher Resume are – preparing lesson plans, drafting lesson materials, assigning papers, referring students to various resources to collect information, conducting tests, assessing student performance level, monitoring student attendance, supervising classroom activities, lecturing on related subject, and communicating with parents about pupil’s progress.

This is how a social studies teacher resume is written and complied in a perfect manner. When done writing, make sure to proofread the document at least twice, so that any mistake or error can be filtered and corrected before it reaches the recruiter's hands. Also, make sure that all the details given by you are relevant to the kind of job at hand. Never make the resume too long, as the recruiter won't entertain lengthy resumes on account of shortage of time and many other resumes to read; it will hamper your chances of getting the job. (Source: www.aroj.com)

Social Study

Motivated and Results-driven Teacher with over a decade of experience in teaching social studies. Highly skilled in planning study programs conducive to individual student needs and guiding the learning process towards the achievement of the curriculum. Well versed in employing a variety of instructional techniques and media. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with students, staff, and parents. Bilingual: English, Spanish

A social studies teacher resume is written by a person equipped with good knowledge of the subject and skills to teach students. The resume contains details of the applicant's previous job history along with the details regarding his skills, names of the schools and institutes where he has taught before, period of time for which he has worked at each of such organizations, and other related achievements. All these details should be written in bullet points. (Source: www.aroj.com)





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