Rent a Warehouseor

Rent a Warehouseor

Rent a Warehouse

Are you looking for return on your investment or just want to earn extra cash with a summer job? Rent a warehouse and become a seafarer for a day!


The tenant pays a base rent every month. In addition, the tenant pays a pro-rata share of the other expenses associated with the building, based on how much of the building they occupy. The most common type of net lease is called a “triple net” lease, where you pay your pro rata share of the property tax, insurance, and maintenance for common areas. You’ll also pay for your own janitorial services, utilities, and any other expenses associated with your use of the space. This can end up being cheaper as you get the benefit of cost-savings in operating expenses, but your monthly rent may fluctuate and be harder to budget. Triple net leases are the most popular type of commercial lease, but they tend to be landlord-friendly so check out the terms carefully.

Finding and leasing a warehouse space for your business is a big step. Make sure you take your time to research multiple properties, work with real estate pros to consider your options, and then review any lease contracts with attorneys before signing. This ensures that you’ve taken the necessary steps to rent warehouse space that’s right for your business and that your legal rights and business assets are protected. (Source: aofund.org)


Warehouses aren’t just for work anymore. The main activities in warehouses have changed dramatically in recent decades, as manufacturing industries moved away from urban areas, leaving behind the warehouses they once used to store goods. And people have nabbed up these large, abandoned spaces, turning them into creative spaces to suit any style and need.

Some warehouses come with modern amenities, such as Wi-Fi and a kitchen, but it’s always a good idea to double-check if there’s anything in particular you need. Use the search filters to sort venues by event type, location, price, amenities, and any other parameters you have in mind. And don’t forget to expand your search to include warehouse venues in rural areas. (Source: www.peerspace.com)


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