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Prairie Management is a marketing agency that helps small businesses who need help reaching their target markets. They provide services like data capture, vrchasing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and graphic design. If you're looking for a marketing service, they're your best bet!Prairie Management Corporation was founded in 1991 as the property management arm of Carroll Properties Inc. Prairie’s current business is the daily management of the Carroll Properties real estate portfolio. Prairie also offers specialized advisory services to private and institutional real estate investors. Robert C. King serves as president of both companies.


Our team is here for you and we are dedicated to providing a quality lifestyle for you and your family. Whatever your rental needs, we can help. No matter if you are looking for an efficiency apartment or a high end townhome, we have the perfect option for you. We know homes aren’t ‘one size fits all’ and that is why we dedicate so much time and effort to helping our residents find their new home. But the service doesn’t end there. We will help you from move in to move out by providing clean properties and quick responses to maintenance and management questions.We view ourselves as flexible partner-advisers whose active role will enrich our investments, either through representation on the Board of Directors or as advisors to the business. Prairie Management Group will work side-by-side with management teams to help achieve their long-term goals – and then help set new ones.

We bring perspective shaped by the successes and challenges that come with building an enduring brand. Prairie Management Group’s founder, Gordon Segal, and his wife Carole built Crate & Barrel from the ground up, cultivating a solid idea with time and ongoing curiosity. Gordon and Carole wanted to bring the simple, well-designed tableware they had seen on their European travels to the United States for other young couples like themselves, who had “more taste than money”. So in 1962, they opened a contemporary housewares store in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, selling out of packing crates and barrels. From the Segals’ strong, uncomplicated concept blossomed a successful business that, for over 50 years, has changed the way Americans view housewares, transformed the American retail environment, and has become an iconic brand. The very same values cultivated at Crate & Barrel: people, practicality, durability, and curiosity are at the root of the Prairie Management Group. (Source: prairiemgt.com)




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