Positive a Wordsor

Positive a Wordsor

Positive a Words

It is easy to find the word "Positive" in a dictionary. Before we began our content marketing production, it was easy to find it in our Copywriting work. But content marketing was a new territory for us, and we learned quickly that the word "positive" had different meanings for different people.


No, enriching your vocabulary with new words doesn’t mean confusing a person. These new words will help you communicate clearly and precisely. For example, imagine if there were only 3 colors in the world? The world would be a lot more boring with only 3 colors, wouldn’t it? Similarly, if you have fewer words you have fewer ways to express yourself. You could describe myriad things with just words that start with A, amazing isn’t it?

Historically, the frequency of words was first analyzed by Zipf [1, 10] showing that frequency predicts the length of a word as result of a principle of least effort. Zipf’s law highlighted fundamental principles of organization in human language [11], and called for an interdisciplinary approach to understand its origin [12–14] and its relation to word meaning [15]. Recently Piantadosi et al. [2] extended Zipf’s approach by showing that, in order to have efficient communication, word length increases with information content. Further discussions [15–17] highlighted the relevance of meaning as part of the communication process as, for example, more abstract ideas are expressed through longer words [18]. Our work focuses on one particular aspect of meaning, namely the emotion expressed in a word, and how this is related to word frequency and information content. This approach requires additional data beyond word length and frequency, which became available thanks to large datasets of human behaviour on the Internet. Millions of individuals write text online, for which a quantitative analysis can provide new insights into the structure of human language and even provide a validation of social theories [19]. Sentiment analysis techniques allow to quantify the emotions expressed through posts and messages [5, 6]. Recent studies have provided statistical analyses [20–23] and modelling approaches [24, 25] of individual and collective emotions on the Internet. (Source: epjdatascience.springeropen.com)


You can convey a lot about yourself with just the words you use. Words have the power and energy to be constructive or destructive. When your speech has more positive words, it’ll inspire people. Words should be encouraging, helpful, inspiring, and appreciative. Truth be told, no one likes a negative nancy! Everyone always gravitates towards a positive person. So let’s learn some positive words that start with A. (Source:

Many words in the English language can be used to describe a certain thing, place or person. These words are called adjectives. They modify nouns, which could be a person, place or thing. You should always have a good number of adjectives in your kitty, it’ll come in handy when you need to describe something. Here is a list of some describing words that start with the A. (Source: www.playosmo.com)


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