Picture of a Garden Hoeor

Picture of a Garden Hoeor

Picture of a Garden Hoe

Gardening Tool A close up of a garden tool in the process of digging weeds from top soil. The handle and the head is visible. Focus is on the head with a shallow depth of field. Remnants of grass and weeds surrounds the tool. garden hoe stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images.Gardening Thin Line Icons - Editable Stroke A set of gardening icons with editable strokes or outlines using the EPS file. The icons include plants, garden hose, butterfly, flower, hand planting seeds, seed packet, leaf, shed, female gardener, hand hoe, bird, peas in pod, hand with soil, watering pail, garden rake, carrot in ground, basket full of vegetables, tomatoes, plant growth stages and others. garden hoe stock illustrations.


What a great collection of hoes. We have several different shapes also. One of my favorites is a very old hoe that someone made by hand. It has a blade like a Cobra head on a long handle.It's great for making little trenches for planting seeds in our vegetable garden. I'll bet you have your favorites too. I think of hoes like knives in the kitchen. You don't use the same knife for every job. Have you heard of the circlehoe? It's a new shape designed specifically for weeding and cultivating close to your plants. My husband is the inventor of the circlehoe which has received rave reviews from gardening experts. I'd like to invite you to check out our website at www.circlehoe.com and tell me what you think.When I worked on trail crews we had a few hoe-like tools that you don't see in gardens much. The cutter mattock is the one that you do most often see. Is often described to people as a really beefy hoe crossed with an axe. Another favorite tool is the McCleod, again, not exactly a hoe, but often described as like a hoe. And the Pulaski, a double-bitted axe twisted to have a hoe-like blade.

I really like your collection. I have been expanding my vegetable garden over the last few years into what seems like a never ending weeding nightmare. I use several different sizes of the traditional American hoe and I have purchased a stirrup hoe (action hoe) from sears that works a lot more efficiently. Would you recommend a higher quality stirrup hoe like yours or something different. I currently have about 20 200ft long rows that are built up high. Thanks.One tool, many uses. Here’s a new angle on that venerable tool, the hoe. The large, curved blade makes moving soil easy, so you can cover a large area in a short time. The sharp point on the right makes it handy for weeding in those tough places like sidewalk cracks or between plants. We like it because it made deep, even furrows in our vegetable garden in one pass. (Source: www.gardengatemagazine.com)


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