Phlox Seeds for Saleor

Phlox Seeds for Saleor

Phlox Seeds for Sale

Phlox, a flowering plant that is not often found in the wild in the eastern United States, first arrived as a seed along with increasing numbers of Eastern European settlers.The Phlox genus contains spring and summer flowering variants that originates from America. These are a wonderful and easy to care for plant with very rich flowering and a delicious fragrance with flower colours that vary from fresh white to pink and purple. The flowers of Phlox Maculata Natascha remind us of candy with its pink and white striped flowers. You can choose from high or low varieties.


Koeman Garden Centre sells a large variety of Phlox seeds and Phlox plants and also sell a stunning pink flower bulb mix with Phlox, Dahlias, Peonies and Gladioli. Phlox combines well with a large variety of plants, such as Broken Hearts (Dicentra), Columbines or Delphinium and thanks to its leaves, fills your flower borders wonderfully. There is sure to be a variety that appeals to you so make sure you view our range. The first botanical records of native phlox first appear in Hortus Elthamensis, botanist Johann Dillenius' published description of a famous experimental garden near London in 1732. This garden, under the care of famed English botanist William Sherard, contained several species of wild phlox from America. From that time on, gardeners seemed to agree with horticulturist Karl Foerster that "a garden without a phlox is a mistake." In the language of flowers, phlox symbolizes either the union of souls or sweet dreams.

In Victorian times, a bouquet of phlox often indicated a timid proposal of marriage. The name "phlox" comes from the Greek word for "flame," while the species name "divaricata" comes from the Latin word for "branched," referring to the structure of the stems.Annual. Fragrant blooms in an unusual range of colors for a Phlox—pale lavender to deep violet blue. White star-like centers and intricate contrasting striping complete the breathtaking vision of splendor. Bushy plants are incredible massed in borders, in front of walls, or of course for cutting gardens. Plants reach 2' in height, blooming over a very long season. Butterflies love them, too! (Source:Annual. Deeply fringed edges give this phlox the appearance of having far more than five petals. The diversity of streaks, stripes, and zoning on this one helps it shine with the widest possible range of phlox colors! Compact plants rarely exceed 9" and are perfect for edging. It also makes a superior container variety for the intricate details of each unique flower to be appreciated up close. (Source:www.everwilde.com)



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