Native Plants Kansas Cityor

Native Plants Kansas Cityor

Native Plants Kansas City

Best landscaping in Kansas City. We offer planters, plants, and mulch, along with a wide variety of landscape services.Butterfly milkweed is a native wildflower you’ve probably seen growing in abundance in empty fields or by the roadside. Because these flowers do so well here on their own, they’re super easy to take care of! And best of all, they’ll attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.For a low-maintenance landscape that’s lush and filled with a variety of foliage and blooms, consider using plants native to the Kansas City region. Native plants are used to local weather conditions and pests. They can thrive through KC’s hot summers and freezing winters with hardly any watering, fertilizing, or weeding from you.


If you live in Kansas City and are into gardening — you’re lucky! KC straddles the humid subtropical South and the humid continental climate of the North, with cool winters and long, hot summers. So you get the best of both worlds in native plant varieties. Landscaping with native plants will save you work and money. Native plants and flowers for Kansas City typically need less maintenance, use less water, and provide a natural habitat for local wildlife. They’re energy-efficient and eco-friendly as well.Although Kansas City has a wealth of hardy native plants and averages 42 inches of rain per year, the area is susceptible to occasional drought. Summer of 2018 was particularly bad. Winters are generally mild, but periodic extreme temperature dips can hurt plants. Native plants and flowers for Kansas City have acclimated to our climate, and withstand the changes and brighten up your landscape for years to come.

Would you rather spend every weekend mowing, or enjoy a leisurely landscape? Take back your weekends by planting with a blue thumb, for cleaner water. When you landscape with native plants, your yard will need less mowing, fertilizers and pesticides. And native plants use less water, so they’re good for your wallet and the environment.A little over a year ago, The Westport Garden Club had a vision to pull together a group of Kansas City organizations to begin a conversation about increasing native plantings in our community. With the guidance of BNIM, one of Kansas City's premier companies, the group of organizations came together as the Kansas City Native Plant Initiative. Their goal was to grow access to native plantings and improve opportunities for citizens to interact with nature across the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. (Source:www.cleanwaterkcmetro.org)



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