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Visitors to the website of Lake-Link should remember to be courteous and respectful of other visitors. The site is a public resource, so do not harass or chastise other users. The DNR has posted bag limits to encourage Catch and Release fishing. It is against the rules to be aggressive or offensive to other users on Lake-Link. If you wish to change your daily bag limit, contact the local DNR office for permission.

Message boards on Lake-Link should be governed by strict rules. Links should not be placed within postings. If they are, they can be abused. If you are unsure of a link, email the Lake-Link administrator with the information. Avoid using the same message in different forums. It will be considered spam and will be deleted. The website does not tolerate the posting of ads and spam, but does allow users to post links.

Message board discussion should be kept civil and respectful. There should be no vulgar language or inflammatory content. The message board should be used for discussion. If you post offensive or vulgar content, you will be banned from the site. The rules on posting are in place to ensure a positive experience for everyone. If you are unable to comply with these rules, please send your information to Lake-Link. You should also avoid repeating the same message in several topics.

You can also contact Lake-Link about specific questions or concerns. The site is owned by Lake-Link, Inc. and may contain affiliate links. These links generate a small commission for the owner of the website. To use Lake-Link's message boards, please read its guidelines and do not post the same message in multiple topics. There are no sexy pictures on this website. Moreover, the content on the message boards is only valid if it is submitted by users.

The content of Lake-Link is free and open to all. You are not required to register or join in order to post on the site. Rather, you can simply join the site and begin sharing your thoughts. You can also read other people's articles or forums. If you want to discuss any topic, ask a question on the message boards. The information will be displayed under the topic in which you posted. This will help you keep the website clean and safe.

The site is also owned by Lake-Link, Inc. and may contain affiliate links. This will earn the site a small commission if you purchase products from these links. In addition to fishing, the site also has lake data, classifieds, and articles. If you are looking for a great place to fish, it is important to find Lake-Link. The website is free to join, and you do not have to pay anything to participate.

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