Kevin Gates Wife

Kevin Gates Wife

Kevin Gates Wife


A singer and rapper Kevin Gates is a domestic violence advocate who probation says he needs to stay away from his wife and kids. Earlier this year, Gates’ wife filed for divorce. But a restraining order last week, put Gates in jail until November.


Gates married his longtime girlfriend, Dreka Haynes, in October 2015. The couple have two children, Islah and Khaza.

linefame.com)Gates more than delivered, earning a deal with Atlantic Records in 2013. Gates’s wife, Dreka Gates birth name is Shadreka Centuri Hayne. She was born on 31st August 1986, in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, united states of America. Although, she is discrete with details of her family members. Her father was a star athlete in high school, while her mother was the dance team captain, and she has two younger siblings. Since she is from a wealthy family, she attended a private elementary school before going to Baton Rouge High School. After High School, she did pre-med at Louisiana State University for about a year. Eventually, she dropped out of pre-med school, and her parents quit funding her education. After a while, she went to Louisiana State University to further her education. She studied fashion merchandising there. (Source:Dreka Gates, has seen him through the trials and the triumphs. Dreka and Kevin have been together for 18 years, six of which they’ve enjoyed as a married couple. Let’s take a closer look at Dreka Gates. (Source: thenetline.com)


Gates' first arrest occurred when he was 13 for being a passenger in a stolen vehicle. Gates was briefly jailed for the offense, and said that being jailed had a profound effect on his life: "If they would've just pulled up to the jail, left me in the police car, never took me inside and just took me back home, I don't think I'd ever have done anything else again. But what it did was—by me going into jail at such a young age—all it did was criminalize me in a sense. It kinda steered me in the wrong direction after getting there and settling in; it took the fear of jail away from me."

She captioned an early October 2021 Instagram post as follows: “When you figure it [farming] out, it’s the most beautiful thing that you’ve ever witnessed in your life. Pure MAGIC. You nurtured and loved this thing and it showed you just what love and nurturing does… Magic does exist. When I use the word magic… it’s just my way or relating to those unexplainable things that just ARE. We are all magic.” (Source: www.ghlinks.com.gh)



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