kauai cars

kauai cars

kauai cars

Kauai Cars is the premier car rental company on Kauai and the surrounding islands. They take pride in providing the best car rental experience on the island and strive to earn their customer’s lifelong loyalty.


Whether you interested in hiking or surfing the beautiful island of Kauai, or a small family looking to relax at a resort, we will add a personal touch larger companies can’t offer to help ensure you make the most of your memorable experience. Likes and dislikes are treated specially. We have you covered for every occasion with our wide selection of cars for singles, couples, or families of any time. Whether you are traveling for fun, business, adventure, or relaxation, your perfect car is simply a click away!

I used to think it was the tourists and rental cars that was really contributing to the increase in traffic. While tourists do account for some of the traffic, look around in the morning on your commute. Many tourists aren’t even on the road yet. By and large, the morning traffic, and much of the evening traffic is residents of Kauai. Artificially restricting the number of cars will only drive up the prices and local residents will suffer as it will be the rich, out of state part time residents who will be able to afford the skyrocketing prices. Two lane roads just don’t cut it much of anywhere. Solutions are more complex than simply removing a car for every car. Fact is, the local population is growing and that’s an issue that is not easily addressed on a small island. (Source: www.thegardenisland.com)


"During the pandemic, our residents were given a glimpse of what life is like without the influx [of] cars on our roads and there's no denying how much traffic had improved," Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami said in a statement. "As we continue to recover, we see the opportunity to do better in managing visitor impact and that includes implementing transportation mode change on our island."

Whether you prefer luxurious Resorts or camping under the stars there is a reason for everyone to visit Kauai. We suggest booking a car rental in Kauai, Hawaii so you can visit the numerous parks and landmarks. Not to mention the 50 + miles of beautiful white sand beaches the Island has to offer. (Source: www.discounthawaiicarrental.com)

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