How many minutes is in a year

How many minutes is in a year

How many minutes is in a year

It is 2018 and there seems to be a lot of things moving in this earth. Sometimes it feels as if there is so much happening at once that we can hardly keep up with it. Just as exciting are the technological breakthroughs taking place, and these are often things that we didn’t even know existed. A recent innovation however, has taken a whole new turn from what we knew before. Something that we find so exciting that it changes the course of our lives.


One minute is equal to one sixty-fourth (1/64) of an hour. One hundred seconds is equal to one hundred minutes. One thousand seconds is equal to one day.Finding the number of minutes in a year may seem like straightforward math that can be quickly attempted and solved especially if you are a math lover. If you go ahead with the calculation, you most likely will arrive at Five hundred and twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes (525,600), which of course, is correct. However, what you may not have known is that there is a chance that this answer could be wrong just as it is correct.

The number of days in a year is gotten from the number of days it takes the earth to revolve around the sun. You probably knew that or had an idea. But did you know that a year is not exactly made up of 365 days but of 365 ¼ days. This means that it takes the earth about 365 days and one-quarter of a day (that is 6 hours) to complete a revolution. This is the reason why once every four years, there is a leap year in which an extra day is added to the calendar on the month of February.A minute is a unit of time measurement that is equal to 60 seconds or 1/60 of an hour. It is mostly used in the short-term and on a daily basis to tell the time during the day. There are different types of calendar years such as the common calendar, leap year Gregorian, and Julian. These calendars have a different number of days depending on the time the earth takes to make a single rotation around the sun. (Source: www.calculatorology.com)


Have you ever wondered how many minutes or hours are in a year? The short answer is, there are approximately 525,600 minutes or 8760 hours in a common year and 527,040 minutes or 8784 hours in a leap year. This is based on a calendar year of 365 days. The more exact answer is 525,948.7666 minutes or 8765.8128 hours per calendar year.

I knew that there were $365.25$ days in a year (ish) but we only have $365$ on calendars, that's why we have February 29. I then learned in class about the sidereal and solar day; sidereal being $23$ hours and $56$ minutes, and solar being $24$.There seems to be some confusion. The number of solar days in a year differs from the number of sidereal days in year by 1--that difference of course being due the 1 revolution around the sun per year influencing the solar day. (Source:physics.stackexchange.com)






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