Giant sunfloweror

Giant sunfloweror

Giant sunflower

They say necessity is the mother of invention. I guess it’s true when it comes to ideas too. It’s been a tough year so far. We’ve had very little rain, and the outdoor plants are suffering. Now, there’s a giant sunflower next to our front door.Perhaps you want a temporary screen to block the view of a vacant lot or nosy neighbor. Or maybe you want to try to break the Guinness World Record for growing the tallest sunflower, last set in Germany with a 27-footer. It could be that you just want to take up the challenge of growing something as tall as your house from a bean-sized seed in one season. Many sunflowers are genetically programmed to become giants, but with some extra care, you can grow a colossal stand of blossoms that will cause passers-by to stare and wonder. )


Gardeners that rely on open-pollinated seeds and heirloom varieties can choose from ‘Mammoth,’ ‘Titan,’ or ‘California Greystripe’ sunflower seeds. If you’re looking for organic seeds, you are more likely to find these old-fashioned choices for sale. Although you probably won’t break any records with the heirloom types, they produce delicious seeds for snacking and bird feeders, and you can coax at least 12 feet of height from one of these plants. Some gardeners prefer growing newer hybrid sunflower varieties. Hybrids have been carefully developed to produce consistently tall plants with strong stems.

If you decide to grow hybrids, you will not be able to count on growing identical plants from the seeds you saved the following season. Giant-sized hybrid sunflower varieties include ‘Kong,’ ‘Sunzilla,’ and ‘American Giant.Although it seems like a good idea to give sunflowers an early start indoors, this strategy can backfire. The act of transplanting sunflowers can stunt their growth, denying you a couple of feet in height at the end of the growth cycle. Planting sunflowers outdoors just after your area’s last frost allows the plants to develop their deep taproots in situ. (Source:ww.thespruce.com)




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