Fragrant flowersor

Fragrant flowersor

Fragrant flowers

Someone left a bouquet of flowers outside our door. And as soon as we saw them, we could see Mrs. Okonowo had given us the most gorgeous flowers ever. They were just the right mix of colors, too! For over a decade now, she has been giving to charity and helping make our community a wonderful place to live.Classic rose, calming lavender, intoxicating gardenia and delicate peony, the florist is a haven of natural perfumes. Most of us are usually so busy admiring the visual feast, we forget to stop and inhale the aroma. However, if you follow your nose, chances are you'll pick a bouquet of flowers that will inspire more admiration and thrills than going by sight alone. Here are 10 of the best scented flowers to get you started on your own perfume concoction.This distinctive scent, widely known for its soothing and calming properties, is the perfect companion for a bedroom dressing table. Its long-lasting flowers also promise to linger night after night.


There are many things to consider when you're planning a garden. What types of flowers would you like feature? You'll have to consider a host of colors and textures and foliage and decide on just the right mix. And are you more interested in enjoying the best perennial plants and flowers year after year or do you want to enjoy the immediate benefits of the best annuals? You should probably educate yourself on the different kinds of roses and choose a variety or two. And there there's those flowers that attract hummingbirds and flowers that attract butterflies. Both kinds of flying beauties will add another layer of lovely to your outdoor space.If you're planning an aromatic flower garden or want to choose the best-smelling flowers for your next arrangement, these are the plants to pick. From soothing-scented lavender to sweet-smelling hyacinth, these flowers will waft floral scents around your backyard—and when cut and placed into bouquets, will fill any room with their heady aroma.

Roses have long been recognized as one of the best-smelling flowers in the garden, and with new perfumes and products revitalizing rose and making it a trendy scent again, roses are making a comeback. When buying roses at the florist or grocery store, choosing whatever looks freshest and smells best is an easy rule to follow. When it comes to planting roses, there are endless varieties to choose from, and like rose perfumes, you can pick from classic varieties or modern hybrids. This rose buying guide can help you find one that's right for your garden.The rich perfume of the gardenia bloom may remind you of wandering through a garden at night—this flower is most often pollinated by moths, so it releases more scent at night to attract them. Gardenias prefer to live where nighttime temperatures are warm (around 60 degrees Fahrenheit), and prefer humidity and moist soil. (Source: www.realsimple.com)



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