Flower Catalogs

Flower Catalogs

Flower Catalogs

Given the seemingly endless variety of plants you can grow in your home garden or landscape, it's not surprising that there are numerous and varied sources for finding plant seeds. Annual seed catalogs offer everything you might want to grow, from popular flowers and vegetables to traditional heirloom varieties to bulbs and established plants.


If you’re looking for inspiration to create your next flower catalog, or simply want to see how flower catalogs are made, you can find here a selection of real catalogs in pdf format or flipbook mode. Each document has a brief description in which you’ll find useful information such as the layouts used, product information displayed, types of photographs, and so on. If you need to create a ready-to-print or web-ready catalog or price list in no time, without errors, Pagination’s cloud service can help you. Syngenta Flowers’ catalog is a quite standard document with a portrait orientation. It includes both a table of contents and an index.

Many of the trade catalogs were part of the Burpee Collection, including both Burpee and competitors' catalogs, donated to the Smithsonian's Horticulture Services Division by Mrs. David Burpee in 1982.through the introduction of plant varieties. Seed trade catalogs are also a window into the evolution of graphic arts in advertising and the changing fashions in flowers and vegetables. Cerny Seed’s 2018–2019 catalog is a compact document without a table of contents or chapter separators. An index fills the last page. Products are represented by in-context pictures, and every page features more than one product. Images are numbered, to make it easier to find the right flower. At the end of the catalog, readers can find a history of the company. (Source: pagination.com)


Certified as an Organic Handler and based in Willits, California, this 30-year old, non-profit seed organization sells only non-chemical treated, open-pollinated, non-GMO heirloom garden seeds. Including (but not limited to) wildflowers, vegetables, grains, cover and compost crops and more. They also offer books and videos on sustainable mini-farming techniques, organic gardening information and a curated selection of favorite garden tools.

This catalog is not only loaded with great old-time seed varieties but also with some unusual edibles like the Jelly Melon (a cucumber-like fruit from Africa) and the Chinese Red Noodle Bean. The large catalog has stunning photography and is a great pictorial resource for garden inspiration. Owners Jere and Emilee Gettle are committed to supplying the world’s poorest countries with seeds, as they do for school gardens and other educational projects here at home. (Source: farmside.com)


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