Craigslist kauai cars

Craigslist kauai cars

Craigslist kauai cars

Cars are not just a means of transportation. They are investments. Can you afford to buy a car that you plan on driving for 10 years or more? Can you affording to break down and sell a car every year when it's time for a new model? When buying a used car, make sure you're getting a deal at Craigslist Kauai Cars.


Damage Protection Tip: Consider using your cell phone to photograph the car before driving it off the lot. Our good friend and Beat of Hawaii reader, Colleen, take the photos with her husband standing next to the car holding that day’s paper. It’s also a good idea to do the same thing on return, such as when you drop the car before or after office hours. Dollar once accused us of not returning their car at Oakland Airport. When we got back to Hawaii, there was an urgent call from them. We had dropped the car off early that day before they opened, and it was sitting in their lot.

Another issue that Turo is facing is that with the lack and expense of rental cars in Hawaii, some residents have acquired virtual fleets of Turo rentals. The problem is, where are these “commercial” cars being parked when they aren’t in use. Parking them on public streets may not be legal and the state and counties are receiving many complaints. Turo says that they “want hosts to be good community members and citizens.” But that doesn’t answer the question of where these cars can be parked. (Source: beatofhawaii.com)


With Turo, in theory, the car owner and Turo make money and the renter saves money. One big plus is that Turo offers insurance from Liberty Mutual both for the owner and the renter, providing some level of available comfort for all. You should check, however, with your insurance company regarding Turo rentals. Jeff did recently and was told that his insurance covered a Turo rental but not, for example, a Craigslist rental.

“People call me from the airport. One guy called me saying, ‘hey, Rick, are you on the way? This is Brian, are you on the way to pick me up?’ I had to call him and tell him no. It’s just been miserable. I check Craigslist probably six to eight times a day,” Emins said. (Source: www.khon2.com)

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