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Are you buying plants? If not, then you should be. We here at Meant To Be Gardens believe that plants are a fantastic addition to your home that are helping to curb the effects of climate change and a high carbon footprint.No more of those messy re-pottings and finding the right soil for your plants. With our plants, all you have to do is unwrap and enjoy your living room ready plants. All of our plants come with high quality plastic pots and with the right soil.We offer weekly and bi-weekly interior plant care packages. Our trained technicians will make scheduled visits when it is convenient for you. Maintenance includes watering, pruning, cleaning and detailed plant care.Low Maintenance Plants / Nakshtra Plants / Plants Good for Containers / Plants to Attracts Birds n Butterflies / Drought Tolerant Plants / Aromatic Plants / Ground Cover / Lucky Bamboo / Lucky Plants / Medicinal Plants / Money Spinning Trees / Vastu n Religious / Fruit Plants in pot / Hedges / Boundary Plants / Insect Repellent Plants.


All Flowering Plants / Adenium Plants / Anthurium / Aster Plants / Begonia Plants / Bougainvillea Plants / Carnation Plants / Calanchhu Plant / Celosia Plants / Dahlia Plants / Dianthus Plants / Euphorbia Plants / Geranium Plants / Gerbera Plants / Heliconia Plants / Hibiscus Plants / Ixora Plants / Jasmine Plants / Kaner Plants / Lantana Plants / Lilies n Bulbous Plants / Marigold Plants / Orchids / Passiflora Plants / Petunia Plants / Portulaca Plants / Plumeria Plants / Rose Plants / Salvia Plants / Shevanti Plants / Torenia Plants / Vinca Plants / Zinnia Plants / Other Flowering Plants.Top 10 Plants for Office desk / Best Plants by NASA / Plants for Oxygen at Night / Top 10 Air Purifier Plants / Top 10 Hard to Kill Plants / Top 10 plants for bathroom / Top 10 plants for Bedroom / Top 10 Hanging Basket / Top 10 plants for home / Top 10 plants for living room / Top 10 for Terrace Balcony / Top 10 Succulent / Top 10 good smelling plants / Top 10 plants for flower bed / Top 10 foliage plants / Top 20 Easy Vegetables / Top 10 plants to express love / Top 10 Easy Indoor herbs / Best plants to keep away lizards

We are the Best Plants Nursery In Pakistan will pick the right daily dose of greenery for your garden and rescue the fading garden to something that you’ll love to see every day from house plants to outdoor pots; we offer something for every plant lover. We can help you with your dream garden. The best place to buy plants and flowers online in Pakistan might not disappoint you a bit. With plants, attention to detail is something we consider while placing various colors of plants in your garden. There are so many colors of blooms to choose from, and our highly qualified gardeners will help you with the right selection for your home.Pick your favorite plants from our Online Plants nursery in Pakistan and get it delivered right at your home in a painless manner. Can you imagine your favorite plants at your doorstep? We can make that happen in no time. Just select the plants online and our riders will carry the plants with care and deliver them right at your door as soon as possible. From delivery to planting them in your garden, we’ve covered it all. (Source: plantsislamabad.com)



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