Boys Names That Start With Aor

Boys Names That Start With Aor

Boys Names That Start With A

Here are 30 boys names (in order) that start with the letters A. No vowels. No long names. Just letters! Many rising boy names beginning with A have international origins, such as the Sanskrit Aarav and Arjun, Scandinavian Anders, and Scottish Alistair. Unique A names for boys we have our eye on include the biblical Azriel, surname names Arden and Auden, and soft-but-masculine choices Ansel and Ames.


Some parents love common names and want to select one that is trending, while others prefer less-known baby names. The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps track of the most popular baby names in the United States, breaking them down into two lists: one for female names and one for male names. Currently, the most popular names for baby girls are Olivia, Emma, Ava, Sophia, and Isabella. The top baby boy names are Liam, Noah, Oliver, William, and Elijah.

Maybe you don't want to name your child one of most popular baby names. Some parents stay away from trending given names in favor of something more unique or personalized. One idea is to choose boys' or girls' names beginning with a particular letter. If your first child's name begins with K, for example, you might choose a K name for your subsequent babies too. You also might consider matching the first letter of your last name so that the full name has a cohesive sound to it. A is the beginning of the alphabet and is a very significant letter. Male names that start with ‘A’ are popular names to give to your baby boy. People whose names start with A can be very confident and be capable of taking charge. They make amazing leaders and are incredibly ambitious and motivated. They channelize their fears to reach their destinations and succeed. (Source: parenting.firstcry.com)


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