Blue violet coloror

Blue violet coloror

Blue violet color

Blue violet color is a vivid blue. It is generally low in saturation (lightness) but high in brightness (also known as lightness).Violet is a combination of cool and warm colors that inspires the imagination and is a bit introspective. It can evoke spirituality and calm emotions. It shares many of the meanings of the color purple: royalty, nobility, luxury, and extravagance. Carrying the purple symbolism associated with the lighter shades of purple, violet conveys femininity and romance.Because violet is both a warm and cool color, use it in design to create different reactions based on the colors you combine with it. Combine violet with pink for a feminine palette or go manly with dark violet, gray, and black.


Violet is the sixth color of the rainbow--it is the color on the inner edge of the rainbow. Violet is the color between blue and purple. The name of the color comes from the violet, which is a small flower grown in most parts of the world.Warm Colors�Colors on one side of the color wheel such as red, yellow, and orange.� These colors evoke warmth because they remind us of things like the sun or fire.� Warm colors appear to advance or come at Analogous Colors�These are colors right next to each other on the color wheel.� For example: red and orange or Blue and Green.� They usually match extremely well, but they also create almost no contrast.� They are good for very serene-feeling designs and artwork where you want viewers to feel comfortable. (Source:Cool Colors�Colors on one side of the color wheel like blue, green and violet (purple).� These colors evoke a cool feeling because they remind us of things like water or grass.� Cool colors appear to recede or go away from you visually.

Purple or violet quartz, which is called amethyst as a gemstone, is found crystallized as crusts in hydrothermal veins and as secondary (amygdaloidal) minerals in some volcanic rocks. Amethyst is quite common in nature and its natural color may be pale or muddled. Iron impurities are the source of its color, which is heightened by exposure to radiation. Quartz is frequently used in electronic circuitry. A lithium-bearing mineral of the pyroxene group, spodumene is restricted to pegmatites. It's typically translucent and commonly takes on a delicate lavender or violet shade. Clear spodumene can also be a lilac color, in which case it is known as the gemstone kunzite. Its pyroxene cleavage is combined with a splintery fracture. Spodumene is the most common source of high-grade lithium. (Source: www.thoughtco.com)



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