Best things to do in southern California

Best things to do in southern California

Best things to do in Southern California

Do in Southern

12 Gorgeous Beaches To See In Southern California This Summer

Southern California is full of things to do. This list is just a few places you should put on your radar.

Ever since its opening in 1935, this LA facility has been one of the top free things to do in Southern California. With a fascinating array of exhibits, this park has something to offer for travelers of all stripes. (Source: familydestinationsguide.com)



Here are the top things to do in Southern California based on the best things to do. Read on to see if any of these things appeal to you. And find out what other activities make the area the best place to live. Have a great time in Southern California on your next vacation with these Southern California souvenirs.

At 3.2 miles long, this state park offers visitors an idyllic and fun beach escape. With secret coves and tide pools, the park is also suited for travelers who are into exciting outdoor pursuits. (Source: familydestinationsguide.com)



Whether you are a traveling tourist or a local. Or just back home on a visit, Southern California has something to offer for all tastes. A couple of hours, days, or weeks won’t be enough to see everything Southern California has to offer. But here is a list of the top places to visit and things to do in the southern metropolitan area. If you have time and want to focus on styles of architecture, visit the architecture and design Museum of California.

During the month of August, the Leopard sharks traditionally come to give birth in the cove of La Jolla. They are docile creatures, and you can actually grab some snorkel gear and go out and see them. It is a unique experience. (Source:californiathroughmylens.com)



A quick list of what Southern California offers: beach activities, mountain activities, water activities, and a wide variety of activities like museums and concerts. There is so much to do here, and what better place for you to do it all than Southern California?

Newport Beach: With the largest recreational harbor on the West Coast, Newport is great for strolling down the Newport Pier. Exploring the Back Bay Loop Trail, or shopping until your heart is content at Fashion Island. Visitors can also try their luck with seeing the whales, check out the skilled surfers at. The Wedge, or spend the afternoon on a Duffy boat. For an unforgettable Orange County experience, take a sunset helicopter tour like I did! (Source: www.bemytravelmuse.com)



Check out the great activities, tasty restaurants and spectacular sights to do in Southern California. From hiking to kayaking, there is so much to explore. Let our "Best Things to Do in Southern California" guide be your companion on your next trip up to the coast.

Fisherman’s Wharf is one of San Francisco’s biggest tourist traps, but the waterfront community is worth the hype. And one of those rare tourist traps loved by locals too. You can find delicious fresh seafood on this boardwalk, see tons of talented street performers and take in glorious views of the bay. (Source: www.thedailymeal.com)



If you are looking to discover Southern California and its many attractions, a guided tour is always a good idea. You might be able to get a reasonably priced inexpensive one in the Yellow Pages. Or maybe there is a tour bus that will take you to some of the best places. Depending on what your needs are. Spark your imagination and figure out for yourself the best things to do in Southern California!

Hearst Castle is a National Historic Landmark that became a state park in 1954. And is one of the best things to do in California. Inside this museum, visitors can take the Grand Rooms Tour to travel back in time . And experience what it was like to be a guest in the Enchanted Hill. Explore the Upstairs Suites Tour, see architectural wonders. And appreciate the Cottages and Kitchen Tours. (Source: vacationidea.com)



Whether you’re traveling to Southern California for the first time, or you’re an old pro, there is a lot to see and enjoy. Here are a few of the most spectacular things to do in Southern California. If you find yourself in Southern California. Or you're just looking for a few fun things to do in your life, put these activities at the top of your to-do list. You won't regret it!

When in Southern California, don’t miss the chance to visit its museums and historical sites. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they let you in on SoCal’s colorful history. In addition, its festivals are also a way for visitors to immerse themselves in Southern California’s fun and laid-back culture. (Source: www.touristsecrets.com)



Southern California has a wide range of oceanfront adventure and attractions to get you out of the house and into the outdoors. Whether you're spending your time with family, exploring or relaxing, there's something that will work with everyone's budget and personality.

Plan a kayaking tour to explore the reserve and learn about the history . And geography of the area with some expert local guides who will be able to give you the best experience. You’ll spot leopard sharks, sea lions, a multicolored array of fish and maybe even some dolphins! (Source: annaeverywhere.com)



Even though you may be an empty-nester in your 60s, 50-somethings, or 30-somethings, Southern California is full of adventures and experiences to enjoy.

The water is pretty cold. This might be surprising with how hot it gets in LA. But California has two major cold fronts that basically make the majority of the California coastline water very cold. Including the water at LA beaches. Going to the beach is a fun thing to do in California. Aut if you plan to be swimming in the ocean for long periods of time. (E.g. you’re a surfer or water sports enthusiast), make sure to rent a wet suit. (Source: theatlasheart.com)


The best things to do in Southern California are what our visitors are interested in the most. Whether you plan on spending time with friends, booking a birthday party for the kids. Or making a trip for a romantic escape, you’re guaranteed to have an adventure to remember every time you come. Seriously, Southern California can offer up so many unforgettable moments. So what are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating and start planning your trip now.


One of the most visited American ventures destinations and among the coolest things to do in San Francisco is Alcatraz. Which was once a fort, a military prison and a maximum-security federal penitentiary. There are a couple ways to take in the spectacle. You can go on a self-directed tour at your own pace. Join a tour group or attend any of the free interpretive programs the National Park Service staff and volunteers offer throughout the day. According to the NPS, at least two to three hours should be allotted to fully visit the island. And considering the ferries run every half hour, you can return to San Francisco without any fuss. (Source: www.thedailymeal.com)


South and Southwest Santa Barbara, CA offers a variety of activities for people of all ages to keep busy. From coffee shops and craft breweries to art galleries and painted landscapes, the city offers something for everyone. From the year-round sunshine in the area to the stunning scenery. Visitors and residents alike will find something great to do, whether they are a local or a tourist.

The eight islands that lie off the coast of Southern California offer visitors a wealth of island adventures. Five of the islands are uninhabited, preserved for the public to enjoy as part of the Channel Islands National Park. Half-day and full-day excursions to Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel and Santa Barbara are available through several park-appointed boat concessionaires. (Source: www.touropia.com)



A shortlist of the best places to visit and things to get up to in the Southern California Region. (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Palm Springs). Could include museums, top rated flights, sports events, boating, and dining on the beach. Other popular things to do include hiking and long walks on the beach, spending time at the pier, and shopping at fine boutiques.

San Francisco’s Lombard Street has gained fame for a one-block section of the road that has eight hairpin turns. Earning it the nickname “the crookedest street in the world.” It is also one of the city’s most scenic streets. Where visitors can enjoy the breathtaking view from the top looking out onto the San Francisco Bay. Though the iconic street is free and open daily, do be mindful that people actually reside in homes along the street as well. (Source: www.thedailymeal.com)


Southern California is a fascinating location that is full of contrasts and beautiful sights as much on land as it is from the ocean. Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco are the top three regions to visit, but there are many other highlights such as the. Pacific coastline, lakes, and rivers in Southern California, which are all surrounded by lush valleys and sky high peaks. From animals and ocean creatures, to wide open spaces, the pristine and cinematic landscapes of the region do not disappoint.

Perhaps the weirdest fact about the state of California is that it is home to both the highest. And lowest point in the contiguous United States. Death Valley is one of the hottest places on earth in part because it sits below sea level. The steady drought and record summer heat of California’s Mojave Desert also make it the driest national park in the country. The basin’s tectonics and complex geological formations add to the mystique of Death Valley and visitors can join a ranger-guided tour, nature walk. Patio talk or night program to learn more. (Source: www.thedailymeal.com)


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