Atlanta International School Uniform Information

Atlanta International School Uniform Information

Atlanta International School Uniform Information

atlanta international school uniform

The Atlanta International School (AIS) is a modern boarding school with affordable tuition. It offers all three international baccalaureate programs, as well as STEAM and STEM-endorsed programs. The school is home to a remarkably diverse and welcoming international community. Here, you will find information about AIS uniform requirements and the many benefits of attending this school. In addition, we have provided links to helpful resources on the AIS athletic department website.

AIS is a modern, affordable boarding school

The Association International School is an outstanding boarding school with a tradition of excellence. Students join a community of peers and teachers who focus on the shared values of trust, integrity, kindness, commitment and Christ-centeredness. Students participate in different activities and programs throughout the school year, and the resident faculty work to make their time at the school as rewarding as possible. The residents also serve as dorm parents, tutors and coaches.

AIS offers two boarding campuses located in HCMC. Students living at the AIS Thu Thiem campus can take advantage of all school facilities during the week and on the weekends. A residential student has an advantage over a day student, as they are more independent and confident. AIS graduates have gone on to attend some of the top universities in the world, including Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Yale.

The American International School provides a rich educational experience for students, preparing them for graduate studies, professional studies, and a diverse array of careers. Alumni from AIS have achieved success in a variety of fields, including law, social science research, business, government, and teaching. There are several undergraduate programs at AIS, which include a required General Education course, two interdisciplinary electives, and co-curricular learning events.

A modern boarding school provides a variety of options for students. Boarding options include weekly or termly options. Partial boarding allows students to spend weekends at home or with family. During the fall and spring semesters, students stay in the dorms during the week. This option is perfect for students whose families live abroad. The AIS boarding school is the first of its kind in Vietnam.

It offers all three international baccalaureate programs

The Atlanta International School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school for boys and girls from Preschool through Grade 12. The AIS provides a comprehensive academic program to prepare students for the future while engaging them in rigorous, inquiry-based studies. The school offers a world-class language acquisition program in three and five-year-old classrooms, with full immersion beginning in Preschool. During Middle Years, students engage in independent study and choice while working to complete a Dual Diploma Program at Grade 5. At the High School, students pursue STEM-endorsed diplomas, while participating in competitive sports and a world-wide immersion experience.

The International Studies Program is a rigorous, four-year curriculum with topics ranging from global economics to world issues, global culture, and international service. Students are encouraged to develop global awareness and engage in cross-cultural exchanges through internships and travel. In addition, students participate in the IB Diploma Program, a highly competitive international curriculum that is recognized globally. The high academic standards and international recognition of the Atlanta International School make it a premier choice for many families and students.

The Atlanta International School has earned accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is one of the few U.S. schools to offer the full continuum of the IB Program. Atlanta students can enroll in grades three through twelve, depending on their academic level and special interests. The rigorous curriculum is designed to develop well-rounded, responsible, and empathetic young people who are able to contribute to society.

In addition to the IB Diploma, AIS offers several other international educational programs. It is a member of the Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools, a nonprofit organization of over 450 private and public schools in Georgia. CASIE works to support the educational goals of the Georgia independent schools, including the development of a global understanding of education. All students should learn and develop cross-cultural communication skills.

It offers STEM- and STEAM-endorsed programs

The Atlanta International School is proud to offer students the opportunity to complete their education with a STEM or STEAM-endorsed program. The school's STEAM Team aims to integrate STEAM activities into the curriculum and offers co-curricular programs that incorporate STEM and STEAM learning. A new course, Summer in Atlanta's City Parks, is a combination of classroom study and hands-on field experiences that emphasize environmental and social issues. Students are also introduced to the scientific method, Next Generation Science Standards, and service-learning activities.

STEAM is an integral part of the Atlanta International School's curriculum. It embodies transdisciplinary learning and interdisciplinary learning. All STEAM-endorsed programs require students to integrate their knowledge and different modes of thinking to solve complex problems. The curriculum emphasizes real-world context and a focus on collaboration. STEM education is necessary for students in today's global economy, as the number of STEM-related jobs has nearly doubled since the 1960s.

STEAM programs begin in preschool and continue through the secondary years. Students participate in a wide range of STEAM-based activities, including the Super Spectacular Science Show and the Build-It Lab. Other educational experiences include professional internships, student-run businesses, and STEAM. The school is a Project Lead The Way(r) school and encourages students to be investigators in their studies. Students learn through Eagle Robotics, which begins in the second grade. Students can also take part in a free Pre-K STEAM program to develop their natural curiosity and build a foundation in the scientific thinking process.

The Atlanta International School has an award-winning curriculum, including a dual language IB program. In addition to its IB curriculum, the school is accredited by AdvanceED, the French Teaching Abroad Agency, the Council for International Schools, and the Southern Association of Independent Schools. Furthermore, AIS is a member of the International Baccalaureate. If you're interested in STEM education, check out the AIS website today!

It has a warm, diverse and welcoming international community

The Atlanta International School offers a unique global perspective through its diverse community. Students from nearly 40 countries are welcomed with open arms. The school's rigorous IB program is designed to foster academic success while providing excellent support. Its prestigious IB program has helped prepare students for the college-bound experience. At the same time, the school's culture is diverse and welcoming, making it a great place to raise a child.

Atlanta International School Ranking

atlanta international school ranking

The Atlanta International School is ranked #5 among all education companies in Georgia. It offers all three IB programs and has a student-teacher ratio of 5:1. The school has a total student population of 1,198 students. The school filed 15 labor condition applications for H1B visas and 0 labor certifications for green cards in the same period. It is listed as one of the best education companies to work for in Georgia.

AIS is ranked #5 on the Best Education Companies to Work For in Georgia list

AdvancED is a global education services organization that brings together the skills of a management consulting firm with the passion for grassroots educational change. They are one of the largest education companies in the United States, serving over 32,000 schools, employing four million educators, and enrolling more than twenty million students. AdvancED was created through the 2006 merger of two accreditation organizations. The company has since expanded with the addition of the Northwest Accreditation Commission in 2011.

AIS uses data from student tests and work to develop personalized academic interventions based on a number of factors, including learning style, academic performance, and other factors. Teachers and AIS specialists are aware of the educational needs of each student. Students are grouped for specific interventions based on similar educational needs. Each group undergoes regular evaluations. Students are exposed to multiple learning approaches, problem-solving strategies, and critical thinking skills.

Atlanta International School is the fifth-best education company to work for in Georgia, according to Zippia's list. It is ranked among companies with high salaries in Georgia. The median salary at AIS is $41,710 per year, which is slightly more than other similar companies. However, the median salary at National Association of Independent Schools is $51,683 per year, while employees at Brenau University and Miller-Motte College earn an average of $50,825.

AIS is an international school with over 1270 students in Pre-K to Grade 12. Their challenging IB curriculum and world-class language acquisition program enable students to develop the skills they need to succeed in the real world and become positive change-makers. The diverse faculty at AIS includes educators from different countries and are dedicated to nurturing every student. The school also has a reputation for attracting top-notch international talent.

It offers all three IB programs

The Atlanta International School offers the IB Diploma Program, the culminating achievement of students in the school's four-year curriculum. This rigorous diploma program has proven itself as a successful pathway to some of the world's most prestigious universities and careers. This program fosters the development of responsible, lifelong learners with strong academic skills, who are well-rounded and caring. The IB Diploma Program builds on the Middle Years Program and the Primary Years Program and consists of a broad range of courses that are centered around three core principles.

The full-immersion preschool program is offered in four languages: German, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Students enrolled in the IB curriculum are taught in two of those languages. All faculty members are native speakers. The IB Diploma is a highly coveted credential, and the school encourages all students to take the program. The school offers all three IB programs and is accredited by the Council of International Schools, AdvancED, and the Southern Association of Independent Schools.

Students at the Atlanta International School enjoy a rigorous, international curriculum in an authentic learning environment. They are prepared for college and the global world through an inquiry-based curriculum and a focus on creative collaboration. Students are encouraged to be change-makers and become global citizens. Students who complete the school's rigorous program receive top-ranked degrees at top U.S. schools and universities around the world. These are just a few of the reasons why this school is one of the most sought-after schools in Atlanta.

The Georgia Independent Schools Association is a professional association of private, independent schools in the Atlanta area. AIS members work together to maintain standards and encourage the development of the finest students. They also share a commitment to overall excellence and nurturing their students. The school community aims to promote and encourage interscholastic competitions. There are more than 450 member schools of the association in Georgia. And each one has its own culture and philosophy.

It has a student-teacher ratio of 5

Students who want a small, nurturing school setting will find it at Atlanta International School. Located in Atlanta, GA, the school has a student-teacher ratio of 5:1, and it serves over 1,300 students from Pre-K through Grade 12. A diverse community with a rich heritage, Atlanta International School fosters creativity, collaboration, and self-expression in its students. The school's diverse faculty includes nationals and international teachers who strive to nurture each student's individual needs.

The student-teacher ratio at Atlanta International School is the highest among all public schools in Georgia. Students can benefit from one-on-one attention and a more tailored education. The school's staff members are native speakers and are dedicated to their students' success. Despite this high ratio, Atlanta International School has a low cost of attendance. Its ratio is 5:1 in math and reading classes and 8:1 in all other core subjects.

It has a student population of 1,198

Atlanta International School is a dynamic, inclusive global community of over twelve hundred students from Pre-K to Grade 12. Its challenging, inquiry-based curriculum and world-class language acquisition program prepare students for college and beyond. AIS has a diverse faculty from around the world, who focus on nurturing each student to achieve his or her personal best. The school's mission is to foster international understanding and global awareness in every student.

The school is a highly selective private school located in Atlanta, GA. Its student body represents more than 70 nationalities and 55 languages. The school offers full-immersion preschool for children in four languages. Classes are small and personalized, promoting personal interaction between students and teachers. Teachers speak the target language fluently and are experienced in implementing the most effective teaching methods. Teachers focus on developing the students' academic, artistic, practical, and social capacities.

It has applied for 17 LC and LCA from fiscal year 2019 to 2021

The Atlanta International School has applied for 17 LCs and LCAs from fiscal year 2019 to 2021. They changed employers and petitions for these visas, and have also renewed 17 H1B visas. Here are some of the reasons why. This school's H1B visa renewals are expected to rise to 97% in fiscal year 2021.

The school files labor certifications with the DOL to prove that it pays the required wages. This data shows that Atlanta International School filed 15 labor condition applications for H1B visas and 0 labor certifications for green cards during the same period. However, these numbers do not mean the school actually hired these foreign nationals. Therefore, the data does not mean that Atlanta International School has hired any foreign workers.

Applicants must have a valid EAD, F1, or EB-1 visa and be a US citizen. Non-citizens with F1 status are also eligible to apply. The minimum salary for an H1B visa is $53,000. The salary range for an H1B visa is $68,000 per year, plus bonuses and benefits. This salary level is highly competitive and is dependent on qualifications and experience.

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