AMexican Heather Lifespan

AMexican Heather Lifespan

Mexican Heather Lifespan

Mexican heather is a subspecies of the heather flower that has a very unique lifecycle. Where other heather species in the same genus and similar in appearance to have a long life, Mexican heather typically only lives for about 3-4 years.Mexican heather is beloved for its delicate-looking foliage and countless clusters of prettily colored flowers. This small, evergreen perennial grows to be just 10 to 18 inches tall, and its flat, feathery leaves spread out and extend from its main stems. Flowers usually appear in springtime, and they can last throughout the summer and into the fall.


False heather, also called mexican heather, is an evergreen that grows to about 30 cm. I love this plant because of its tiny purple flowers that show up throughout the growing season. Both flowers and leaves are small in size. The plant has very dense branching, which makes it attractive when planted as bed or border. It also looks great in a stone garden when shaped into low cushion. Though it's not a very frost hardy plant. So you might want to dig them out and keep them indoor before the first frost hits.A Mexican heather lifespan can be quite long since these plants are able to survive the hottest summers and bounce back from most winter frosts. Frost can damage Mexican heather, but it usually recovers and grows again in the spring.

Many treat them as annual, but I hate to recommend this. In winter with low light condition, the growth comes to a halt, and the flowers wear off. Though this plant does not need a cold dormancy to do well, since it is a tropical plant. As soon as the day becomes long enough, fresh green leaves emerge from just about everywhere on the plant. A few weeks later, the flowers start to appear as well. It's a very easy plant to keep. Summer outdoor; winter on a bright window sill. It likes to be misted every now and then, especially when kept indoor. I mist it early in the morning and after sun down to avoid sunburn. The only drawback I see in this plant is its relatively short lifespan of 30 years. I would have liked it to live a little longer than that. By the look of my plant, I think it's between 1 and 2 years old. (Source: mygardeningarchive.blogspot.com)



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