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Hummingbird Nursery


At Hummingbird Nursery, we believe that the only thing that can match the joy of holding a newborn is the knowledge that your choice to use sustainable and ethically sourced materials will make a difference.My son has been with his Hummingbird family since he was 5 months old. It is always hard to leave your little one, no matter what age, at a day care. But I wouldn’t ever call Hummingbird just a day care. It is so much more. It was always Zayyan’s home away from home. There were days he didn’t want to leave me but so many more where he would eagerly cuddle his caretaker and wave goodbye, all smiles.


At the Preschool we meet Clarissa, who is Manager of this section. Clarissa is from South Africa where she originally qualified as a secondary teacher. She has now retrained and loves working with younger children. She tells us that the Hummingbird Pre school caters for children age 2 to 4 years. Ratios for children under 3 are 1:4 and 3-4 1:8, in line with the requirements of the EYFS.We met Elise, a teacher from England who came to Dubai to join Hummingbird. She teaches the FS1 class. Elise loves working for Hummingbird and adores the children in her care. She has formed good relationships with the parents too and thinks there is a great community surrounding the organisation. She particularly loves parent events at Hummingbird, which she feels everyone puts a lot of effort into making special.

Hummingbird Early Learning Centre is focused on serving the growing number of working parents who wish to provide their children with the best opportunities during their early years in a caring, secure and stimulating environment. At our centres, we encourage children to learn through play, exploration and discovery in order to understand the world around them.I don't write many reviews but feel that Hummingbird deserves some praise. My son attended Hummingbird from a very young age. During this time, the staff went above and beyond to care for our son. Every teacher in the center knew my son and made sure to greet him with a smile every time they saw him. The Center's director always kept us informed and responded quickly to any questions and concerns. This is truly a great space for children to thrive and develop. (Source::www.edarabia.com)



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