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AHigh Country Nursery

High Country Nursery

We are a family biodynamic nursery in Baguio City that has been in the biodynamic movement for over 4 decades.Offering unique and exclusive perennial plants has been the foundation of how High Country Gardens' has built its reputation. Our plants are chosen for their beauty, hardiness, and their ability to create natural habitat. We are particularly well known for our drought resistant/drought tolerant perennials (xeric plants), that once established will need very little water to thrive. We have hundreds of water-thrifty and native plants to choose from, many developed exclusively for High Country Gardens by our founder and chief horticulturist, David Salman.


We opened in the spring of 1994 with just a few greenhouses covered. We currently have 31 houses equating to nearly 2.5 acres of growing space under cover and a 5400 square foot retail garden center which is used for growing in the off season as well as outdoor growing areas. Because of our unique growing system we turn our total greenhouse production space into approximately 10+ Acres making us Montana's largest wholesale grower. We take pride in selecting and growing quality plants that thrive in Montana!The High Country Maze is a 'must~see' on your next High Country adventure! A labour of love has transformed this into an amazing space complete with two established mazes, labyrinth, beautiful walled gardens, giant topiaries & sculptures, lawn games and of course, a gnome hunt! Bring the kids and enjoy refreshments from our licenced garden café.

If you have any questions about cold-weather or high desert landscaping, don't hesitate to ask! Plants from High Country Nursery are among the most hardy plants found anywhere, able to tolerate climate extremes including frost and drought.The selection at High Country Nursery couldn't be better! We carry cold hardy succulents, cacti, perennials, California natives, fruit trees, berries, vines, roses, ornamental shrubs, cold hardy palms, bamboo, deciduous and evergreen trees and a huge selection of conifers. We stock a wide range of sizes from 4" up to 36" boxes. Our plants are zoned to take temperatures of 10 degrees F to as low as -30 degrees F. We carry around 100 different perennials, 250 types of shrubs, 250 varieties of trees and around 20 kinds of vines. The in-stock selection is amazing, and if we don't have it, we would love to find it for you. The following lists will give you an idea of some of the plants we have at the nursery. (Source:www.appalachiangrown.org))



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