AField Plants

AField Plants

Field Plants

Goldie Yarrow - TB138Botanical Name:Achillea tomentosa 'Goldie' Flower Color:Bright yellow Hardiness:Zone 3 -30 to -40°F Flower Type:Dense clusters of small blooms Flowering Period:Summer to Fall Foliage:Fuzzy gray-green, evergreen Plant Size:6-8" x 12-18" Growth Habit:Mat-forming Suggested Uses:Rock gardens, small-scale ground cover, mixed plantings Soil Needs:Requires excellent drainage. Light Needs:Full Sun/ 6+ Hours of Direct Sun per Day.“Walking through the field planting turnips with my shirt off”


SCHIZACHYRIUM SCOPARIUM 'JAZZr An exciting selection of our native Little Bluestem. Shorter form with silvery blue foliage is graceful and maintains its upright habit. Fall brings subtle mauve purple tones plus silvery seed heads that shine in the low autumn sun. Excellent for a sunny mixed border, with other native prairie plants, or in mass with other grasses. Size: 24" tall x 18" wide. Plant zones: 4-10.In addition to the wide range of naturally grown deciduous and coniferous shrubs, Bruns Pflanzen offers a rich selection of elaborately shaped woody plants that can be structure builders, contrasting style elements or striking focal points. The wide range of these precious specimen includes large bonsais, woody plants grown as cones, spheres, boxes or in umbrella shapes. Other trees impress with trellis or roof-shaped crowns, but we can also fulfil special requests such as figures and company logos.

All plants are shaped with passion, a high degree of professionalism and tact by our skilled workers. There are no limits to your imagination – we make it happen.Rhododendrons and azaleas are among the most popular decorative plants in our gardens and parks. Gristeder Neuheiten® are particularly hardy and robust plants which have been personally selected. We deliver the prized INKARHO® rhododendron in a number of varieties. Particularly perfectly grown plants are listed in our product range as show specimens. These specimen plants meet even the most the highest requirements as a solitary element. Choose from more than 850 azaleas and rhododendron varieties.The hall opened in 1983 with 300 plants—representing nearly a third of all plant families—on display in its grand wooden display cases. A stroll through Plants of the World is an introduction to the varied uses of plants, from medicines, dyes, and rubber, to delicious chocolates and teas. (Source: www.fieldmuseum.org)



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