ABur Oak Trees for Sale

ABur Oak Trees for Sale

Bur Oak Trees for Sale

The Bur Oak is a rather large and stately shade tree with few problems as far as pests or diseases go. This medium to fast grower will average 12-18" of growth and sometimes up to 2 feet in an average growing season. This oak will grow both in upland areas, sandy plains, prairie grasslands as well as those slightly lower areas of your property along rivers and streams. Once this tree matures, it will produce acorns that are enjoyed by many types of birds and wildlife.


Planting a tree is an act of faith in the future, and oak trees live longer than almost any other tree. For a beautiful, rugged specimen or shade tree on a lawn, you can’t beat the Bur Oak. This American native white oak is one of the fastest growing oaks, and the one most tolerant of urban conditions. Young trees grow 12 to 24 inches a year, and soon develop into handsome specimens. Their large, leathery leaves create dense shade to keep you cool in summer, and the broad crown makes for a grand look. You are also helping wildlife, since the large acorns are a valuable winter food for both animals and birds. For a shade tree or to develop a wooded area, the Bur Oak cannot be beatenPlant the Bur Oak tree in full sun, in almost any soil. It will grow in clay or sand, and once established it is very drought tolerant. Yet it also tolerates periods of flooding, such as during the spring thaw. It is hardy even in zone 5, but it also grows well in the heat and drought of Texas. This tree literally lives for hundreds of years, and it is almost never affected by the minor pests or diseases that may be seen on it. For a real investment in the future, which also grows quickly and that will be a handsome small tree in a few years, nothing beats the Bur Oak.

The Bur Oak is a large, spreading, deciduous tree which in time will reach at least 60 feet in height, and often more, even up to 150 feet in exceptional situations. It will spread as wide as it is tall. Younger trees have an upright, conical shape, but as the tree matures it becomes more spreading, so that older trees have a broad, rounded crown covering a considerable area. The leaves are large, between 6 and 12 inches long, deep green and with a leathery texture. They are deeply divided into 5 to 9 lobes, typically with two deep divisions around the middle of the leaf, giving it a characteristic ‘waisted’ look. In fall the leaves turn yellow brown. The bark is medium gray in color, thick and rugged, with deep vertical furrows when it is mature.This majestic tree is a magnificent specimen for a large lawn, or along a property boundary. Plant it among existing trees, in an open sunny spot. When planting be careful to allow enough room for the mature tree. Plant at least 25 feet from any buildings, and well within your property line. For an avenue or screen, plant 40 feet apart, or more. With its dense crown this is a wonderful shade tree for a larger property. It is also ideal for developing natural areas, as it grows naturally in America. It is one of the fastest growing oak trees, and young trees grow 12 to 24 inches, or even more, in a year, so that a tree will be at least 20 feet tall within 20 years. This is a very long-lived tree – you are ‘planting for the future’ – and trees normally live 200 to 300 years, and even up to 400 years. (Source: www.thetreecenter.com)


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