ABare Root Trees for Sale Wisconsin

ABare Root Trees for Sale Wisconsin

Bare Root Trees for Sale Wisconsin

From the time they open their doors, Bare Root Trees for Sale increases their sales year on year. In this article, we will explore the guide that has helped them achieve this.Take a look around and you will find a wide selection of hardwood, evergreen and fruit trees to match your planting needs. Whether it's two apple trees for your back yard, one hundred Hazelnut bushes for your hunting land, or fifty thousand White Pine for your agency's planting project, Chief River Nursery is ready to serve you. Chief River Nursery has a wide selection of tree and shrub seedlings for your yard or acreage. We offer a variety of evergreens, hardwoods and fruit trees to enhance your property or provide food for your family!


Grandview has cold storage to properly store bareroot trees and plants until purchase/pick-up. Our bareroot display room will also be open through May 22nd depending on stock. PLEASE NOTE: bareroot plant roots should not be allowed to dry out or freeze and should be planted within a couple days of removal from cold storage unless you have acceptable storage conditions. Also, please be prepared to soak your plant roots before planting for best results! Pick out your evergreen trees right in the ground. All evergreen fields are now open for you to walk through and select the tree you would like to reserve this fall or for next spring. We will be digging soon for fall, so put your name on your favorite evergreen trees like the Balsam Fir, White Pine, or the Black Hills Spruce. Call us at 715-723-8001 to schedule a time.

Bareroot trees and shrubs are graded by our supplier. This means they are examined, measured and sorted by size. Shade and ornamental trees are classified by height then caliper once they mature to a certain size. This is determined by a combination of the two measurements - caliper and height. The heights listed for the bareroot trees are the minimum height that tree currently is. Most often, the tress are significantly taller. You can usually assume that the stated height is at least the height to the tallest set of side branches.Finish filling hole with the backfill soil (75% original soil/25% compost). Use your hands to pack the soil into and around the root system filling in large air pockets. Again, soak with water. If settling occurs, readjust the tree depth by grasping at the plant base, and slowly rocking it back and forth while gently pulling up. Once readjusted, add remaining soil as needed, and water it again. (Source: www.keymanlawncare.com)



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