AA Los Angeles Restaurant Closures

AA Los Angeles Restaurant Closures

Los Angeles Restaurant Closures

Only a small portion of Los Angeles restaurants are actually closing each year, but the data speaks for itself: there are now one out of three Los Angeles restaurants in danger of closing as the city experiences a significant spike in closures.



One of the world’s most famous bakers is leaving Angelenos with a Cronut-shaped hole in their hearts and stomachs. A representative for Dominique Ansel confirmed to Time Out L.A. that the James Beard Award winner and force behind some of the world’s most whimsical desserts has closed his L.A. bakery and full-service restaurant for good. 189 by Dominique Ansel served as a luxe restaurant for the French chef to showcase much more than his famed sweets, while his first-floor bakery offered L.A. all the frozen s’mores, monthly Cronuts, cakes and cookies we could have hoped for when news first spread that Ansel would open an outpost on this coast. Both concepts were housed inside the Grove, and both closed in March with the intention of shuttering only temporarily.

“While this is sad news, Somni deserves to be remembered not for its end but for the happiness and positivity that it provided to so many,” Zabala posted to his Instagram. “Most of my dreams revolve around how to make a moment for our guests that will outlast the experience, creating beautiful memories that last forever. I have faith that this same principle will extend not just to the meals at Somni but also to the restaurant itself, providing a forever impact on the dining landscape in Los Angeles and beyond. Thank you to every single member of the Somni team that made special this small place. I will never forget all the times we shared together. It’s your dedication that allowed for our shared success. It’s your attention to detail that made us unique and I admire you for that. I finally want to thank all our guests. You were the reason why we woke up every morning trying to make every bite, every moment unforgettable. We are grateful for the loyalty and love you brought us.” (Source: www.timeout.com)



In a statement to Variety, co-owner Warner Ebbink pointed guests to another of his concepts, Little Dom’s, and added, “This closure defines the end of an era. We’ll always be grateful for the shared moments and what the restaurant brought to the L.A. [food and bervage] community, as well as the incredible support of our loyal guests at all our establishments.” Regulars, one-time visitors and a number of A-list celebrities all took to social media to remember the ’60s-styled setting seen in the likes of Swingers and Entourage, posting memories of late nights and photo tributes of plush booths and swiveling counter stools.

“We heard stories of Beverly Soon Tofu being the first Korean restaurant they ever went to in L.A. when they first moved here, a place to celebrate milestone moments, somewhere you could go for comfort food if they felt down, the first date restaurant with their spouse, a space where you could feel community and a sense of home,” they posted to the restaurant’s Instagram account. “We appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and for coming by to eat our mom’s food for the last time. Thank you from all of us at Beverly Soon Tofu! We are so very grateful for your love and support. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” (Source: www.timeout.com)



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