AA Los Angeles Rapid Covid Testing

AA Los Angeles Rapid Covid Testing

Los Angeles Rapid Covid Testing

Rapid Covid Testing is one way to streamline data collection and provide feedback as competition unfolds.



The rapid COVID testing we offer is for the 15 min rapid antigen test as well as for same day and 24 hour RT-PCR test and 15 min antibody test. The rapid COVID-19 antigen test results are available in 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on our schedule. The PCR test results are available usually same day but in some cases can take up to 24 hours. PCR test results are emailed to you directly from our lab. Rapid COVID PCR test and antigen test reveals if you have an active infection. The rapid antibody results are available in 15 minutes and reveal if antibodies are present and if there has been a past exposure. The rapid COVID RT-PCR is the gold standard in testing and is run by a molecular lab that has a EUA from the FDA.

We believe that a patient should be able to test whenever they want, with or without insurance. Many of our patients have been successful in paying for testing and then submitting their invoice to their insurance company for reimbursement. If you cannot afford testing, please fill out our Scholarship Application form for a no-cost test! Scholarships are available each day, based on need. These scholarships are not for same day use, as applications are reviewed each evening after the 7:00pm cutoff time. (Source: www.covidclinic.org)



Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Specialist in Concierge Medicine & Executive Health. Dr. Nazarian practices Integrative Medicine with focus on preventative medicine, anti-aging, hormone replacement therapy and IV Vitamin optimizations. Dr. David Nazarian, received his bachelor of sciences from the University of Los Angeles, California in Psychology and Biology. He obtained his Medical Doctorate degree from Sackler School of Medicine. He completed his medical residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital, a University of Southern California affiliate hospital. Once completed, he established a practice in the heart of Beverly Hills. Dr. Nazarian is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has received numerous awards and recognition as a top doctor in his field.

COVID clinic provides a no-cost-to-patient diagnostic COVID-19 PCR test for eligible insured, uninsured, and undocumented patients. The diagnostic PCR test should not be used for travel testing. Each patient’s eligibility to receive a diagnostic COVID-19 PCR test will be determined by a physician depending on each patient’s responses to medical screening questions. (Source: www.covidclinic.org)


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