AA Los Angeles National Forest

AA Los Angeles National Forest

Los Angeles National Forest

Rarely can one feel so blessed without actually doing anything. The colors were simply spectacular as they shimmered on my skin. The sound of the leaves was calming and faintly sounded like a song. The bite of the crisp air was like a cold drink on a hot day. The peace and serenity that one is able to feel can only be found in nature.



The San Gabriel Forest Reserve was established on December 20, 1892, the San Bernardino Forest Reserve was established on February 25, 1893, and the Santa Barbara Forest Reserve was established on December 22, 1903. Together, they became National Forests on March 4, 1907, and they were combined on July 1, 1908, with all of the San Bernardino forest and portions of San Gabriel forest and Santa Barbara forest composing the new Angeles National Forest. On September 30, 1925, portions of the Angeles National Forest and the Cleveland National Forest were detached to re-establish the San Bernardino National Forest.Oftentimes, pictures of Pasadena show beautiful mountains in the background, those are the San Gabriel Mountains. The San Gabriels are part of the Angeles National Forest which was formed in 1908 by combining the San Gabriel, San Bernardino and (at the time) Santa Barbara mountain reserves—it was the first National Forest ever established in the United States. They seem a lot smaller in photos, it requires seeing them in person to realize that one-thousand square miles (1,600 km) make up the vast mountain range, it has several peaks, trails, campgrounds, villages where people live and work, an observatory, ski lifts and a zip line course.

The Angeles National Forest serves as the picturesque backdrop for one of the country’s largest urban centers, providing approximately 700,000 acres of open space to the roughly 18 million residents of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. The first national forest designated in California, the Angeles National Forest is located within one of the world’s vital biodiversity hot spots. In addition, the forest contains the San Gabriel Mountains, which are some of the steepest and most rugged mountains in the United States. The forest is home to many natural and cultural resources unique to Southern California, including a variety of threatened, endangered and other species of special concern. In addition to managing and maintaining the unique ecosystems of the region, the Angeles National Forest also provides opportunities to experience nature and the outdoors for almost 4 million visitors annually. (Source: www.nfwf.org)



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