AA Los Angeles Heatwave

AA Los Angeles Heatwave

Los Angeles Heatwave

A triple digit temperature caused the death toll to rise to at least 38 with the chance for more fatalities, making it the deadliest heat wave in the city’s history.



"Much of this area will see high temperatures 30 to 35 degrees hotter than average and morning low temperatures 20 to 25 degrees warmer than average over the next several days," the NWC announcement read. "In many locations, the morning lows will be greater than the average high temperatures illustrating the anomalous nature of this historic heatwave." The last time a heat wave similar to this hit the area was in 2009. Back then, the region climbed to 101 to 106 degrees for two to four days, while temperatures over 90 lingered for eight to 10 days, the NWS said.

In Southern California, heat warnings are in effect from Sunday morning through Monday evening for the mountain and desert areas east of Los Angeles. Temperatures in Palm Springs hit 112 degrees Saturday, with the weekend high expected to peak at 115 Sunday. However, ridiculously hot temperatures aren't out of the ordinary for that particular city. (Source: www.npr.org)



Heat causes more deaths in the U.S. each year than floods, storms, and lightning combined. Older adults, young children, outdoor workers, athletes, and people with a chronic medical condition, among others, are especially sensitive to negative health impacts from extreme heat. The number of extreme heat days in Los Angeles County is expected to rise in the coming decades due to climate change. Prepare yourself and your family now, before the next heat wave comes.We benefit from beautiful weather in Los Angeles County – most of the time! But when temperatures rise, the heat can be unpleasant and at times dangerous. Use the information below to find resources to get relief from the heat and Stay Safe during times of extreme heat.

A great way to get out of the heat is to visit free publicly accessible County facilities during normal business hours. Find the Library, Park, Community or Senior Center closest to you using the following links or by dialing 2-1-1 for a referral. Other ways to get out of the heat might include visiting indoor businesses such grocery stores, movie theaters, shopping malls, bowling alleys, etc. during peak hours. (Source: ready.lacounty.gov)



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