AA Los Angeles Azules

AA Los Angeles Azules

Los Angeles Azules

Los Angeles Azules, a Mexican wine brand, was expanding their market share, but they found they couldn’t compete with the amount and quality of product on offer from their competitors. With a limited budget, they needed to find a way to adapt to the changing market and still be competitive. Their answer? They started adding value to the bottle instead of trying to sell it.



Wearing a mask is strongly encouraged for this show. At this time proof of vaccination or a negative test is not required for entry into this event. However, requirements are subject to change based on local or tour mandates. A Know Before You Go will be e-mailed to AXS ticket purchasers prior to the event with the most up to date information.

Following a year without offering live concerts, Los Ángeles Azules announce today their long-awaited “40 Años” Tour. With more than 25 concerts around the United States, the tour will make a stop at the Toyota Arena on November 24, 2021, in celebration of the group’s 40 years’ career.

“This is what gives me work,” said Jorge, 54, gingerly setting down his red-and-gold Hohner. The accordion, which he bought 15 years ago while the band toured Uruguay, is made for students, its narrow keys and light body a better fit for Jorge’s slim fingers and slight frame.

She had been a famous disciplinarian, making sure the band focused on music — not partying — while on tour, and scolding her children if they said something impertinent in an interview. But she was also deeply affectionate, and no matter where they traveled, she never let them forget where they were from.

Following a year without offering live concerts, Los Ángeles Azules announce today their long-awaited “40 Años” Tour. With more than 25 concerts around the United States, the tour will begin in Corpus Christi, TX and will visit cities such as Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, among others, in celebration of the group’s 40 years’ career.


The timeless cumbia rhythms of Los Ángeles Azules will crisscross El Norte this year. Launched in the early '80s by a half-dozen siblings of the Mejía Avante family, Los Ángeles Azules (Blue Angels) have surfed wave after wave of Latin music. It's been a long road, but their romantic take on Mexico's cumbia sonidera sound remains as popular as ever. Los Ángeles reignited once again last year with Esto sí es cumbia ("This Is Cumbia"), whose twist on original hits by Ha*Ash, Miguel Bose, Gloria Trevi, Yuri and other Latin stars hit the Regional Mexican Albums Top 10. They kicked off 2019 with "Nunca es suficiente" ("It's Never Enough"), written and sung by Natalia Lafourcade, which became Los Ángeles' first Regional Mexican chart-topper in 19 years. Live performances with the Mexico City Symphony Orchestra in 2016 demonstrated that cumbia belongs to everyone. But whether accompanied by a symphony or in their usual baker's-dozen configuration, expect to hear hits like "Cómo te voy a olvidar" ("How Could I Forget You"), "Por el amor a mi madre" ("For the Love of My Mother") and "El nuevo sonido de la cumbia" ("The New Sound of Cumbia").

A family affair from the beginning, with more than two dozen albums to their name, Los Ángeles Azules began in 1983 as part of Mexico's young and rocking onda grupera movement. Formed by the Mejía Avante siblings Elías, Alfredo, José Hilario, Jorge, Cristina and Guadalupe, the band hit its first peak in 1996, when their chart-topping "Inolvidables" went platinum in Argentina, the group's second home. A new singer, Erick de la Peña, gave the band its biggest hit to date in 2002 with "Por el amor a mi madre" from the album Alas al mundo ("Wings to the World").

Los Ángeles Azules celebrate 40 years of cumbia! Hailing from Mexico City, the Mejía Avante family has brought their unique style of cumbia sonidera all around the world. Best known for their hit song “Como Te Voy a Olvidar,” they’ve recorded dozens of chart-topping albums and collaborated with countless artists. Constantly reaching new fans and breaking barriers, they were the first cumbia group to perform at Coachella (with Justin Bieber dancing along). And their popular music videos joined YouTube’s prestigious Billion Views Club not once, but twice—the first Latin band to ever hit that milestone. Join us for all of your favorite Los Ángeles Azules songs…and a few surprises.



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