AA Korea Times Los Angeles

AA Korea Times Los Angeles

Korea Times Los Angeles

Slow-clap moment. The big L.A. newsroom is on the hunt for U.S. journalists with more than 10 years of experience. . . Word. It’s the latest big news scoop from the Korean Times, which is a subscription-based, written-in-Korean newspaper for L.A.’s Korean-American community. The LA Korean Times’ first issue was published in 2001 and its first English edition in 2009.



Prior to leaving the city, a group of five staffers went to Mugyo-dong for food and drink, where they were nearly shot by young South Korean military police who demanded to see their IDs and asked "Why do you all make a fuss with drinking in this emergency time?" Prior to evacuation, the paper's editorial office was in the fourth floor of the "fire-gutted" [Japanese General Government Building, Seoul|Capitol building], and printing was done at a shop in Bongnae-dong. Publication resumed after 15 days after relocating to Busan, the headlines were handwritten.

On September 26, 1958, The Korea Times managing editor Choi Byung-woo died at age 34, becoming the first Korean war correspondent to die while on duty. A boat carrying Choi and other foreign correspondents covering the Communist Chinese bombing of the Nationalist-led Quemoy and Matsu islands capsized. The Korea Times and the Hankook Ilbo held a memorial service for Choi at Kyonggi High School, his alma mater, on October 11, 1958. The service was attended by hundreds of mourners. Choi was the main inspiration for the founding of the Kwanhun Club, a fraternity of senior journalists. Choi also played a leading role in the designation of April 7 as "Newspaper Day," which is observed by Korean journalists to this day.

On Tuesday, February 27, 1968, a fire completely gutted the main office of The Korea Times and its sister papers in Junghak-dong, Jongno-gu, downtown Seoul, killing seven workers and injuring three others. After the fire, The Korea Times managed to publish an abbreviated edition on February 28. During the restoration period, a number of readers and foreign organizations, including the American Embassy and the U.S. Operations Mission (a U.S. aid mission), either loaned or donated typewriters to The Korea Times. The newspaper took refuge in a nearby office in Chungmuro, where production was performed for years.

There had been two other "Korea Times" newspapers prior to the 1950 founding of The Korea Times. The first was published by Yang Ki-taek in the fading days of the Yi Dynasty (June 1904) in cooperation with British journalist Ernest Bethell. The other was by Lee Myo-muk, Ha Kyong-tok and Kim Yong-ui in September 1945. The two publications had no relation to each other or the later publications.

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