AA Kitson Los Angeles

AA Kitson Los Angeles

Kitson Los Angeles

Walking into Kitson for the first time was like walking into someone else's home. What makes it different? It's an art-forward store with an East Coast vibe, but with a California twist. Kitson inspires its customers to put on their jeans and sandals, hang up their work attire, and get on their bikes to explore LA.



“That is what Fraser liked to do,” said another former employee. “He would love to reorganize products, especially gifts. Anything that was a top seller, he would make sure it would be in the right place. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a Kitson, but it’s a lot of gift tables packed with books and coffee mugs. Fraser liked it a certain way. Mugs are turned so you could see the quotes on them. And if there’s a cool pen in a box, the pen should be turned so you could see the Los Angeles logo.”In the end, he was directed to handle the book buying. His office was a desk in the middle of the warehouse where he also spent time on allocation — an art in itself, directing what merchandise was to go to what store. It was a change from the hands-on, high-touch approach he had leading across the entire business just a few years prior.

Merchandise at the Kitson boutiques along Robertson (there are four) had a crumpled-up, gently used feel, like a polyester bathrobe, cinched and hanging backward, reading, weakly, “I woke up like this.” Shelves once stacked with shoes bore only a few wayward stilettos. There were wan displays of coffee-table books and other home curiosities, like a 2016 calendar entitled “Nice Jewish Guys.” At the original Robertson store, a woman in yoga pants picked up and quickly put back down a greeting card that read, “I’m the Kylie you’re the Kendall.” (Source: www.nytimes.com)



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