AA Is Los Angeles Safe

AA Is Los Angeles Safe

Is Los Angeles Safe

We know you’re more than welcome to live in Los Angeles, but we can’t, in good conscience, recommend you visit as a visitor. In this post, we share our truth in hopes that this knowledge can be helpful for you. As always though, your best bet is do some research on your own.



According to Welcome L.A., there are 2,364 taxis. And considering how big L.A. is, that’s nothing compared to New York City’s 13,587 taxi count. Unfortunately for cab drivers though, that’s a city limit. That means at any given time, there are close to 90,000 more Lyft and Uber drivers transporting people around. The main advantage though of a taxi service is regulation though. Using a taxi, in my experience, might be a more dependable service when going to-and-from the airport. Remember that taxis will offer a flat rate for airport service as well, so make sure to ask about it. If your visiting Los Angeles for the first time, the amount of homeless might be shocking to you. It’s almost inevitable now that you’ll see the evidence of despair. It’s incredibly unfortunate that the city doesn’t handle it any better. And the problem is growing out of control now. Even in popular tourist areas, like Santa Monica and Venice Beach, you’ll encounter hundreds of homeless. And while most of them are peaceful and just enjoying our sunny climate, it still can be an eye-opener if you haven’t seen a lot of poverty before.

If you come to LA, try to stay away from Skid Row at all costs. The homeless population is high everywhere but especially there. It’s easy to find yourself in the middle of Skid Row unexpectedly because it’s such an integrated part of the city. The Arts District is literally right on top of it. You put in the address to a nice place for lunch and are suddenly driving through complete disarray and chaos. My advice is to stay in West LA such as West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Brentwood, Santa Monica (where I live, still have a homeless issue regarding assaults both physical and verbal but much better than other places.) LA is relatively safe depending on the area. As a young woman, I would walk alone at night in Beverly Hills but would not if I was in the heart of Hollywood or in Venice. Really depends on the area. (Source: www.numbeo.com)



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