AA East Los Angeles College Basketball

AA East Los Angeles College Basketball

East Los Angeles College Basketball

It’s a Friday night after a tough loss from the past few weeks. You just finished watching the film and talking with the coaches. You come across a tweet that you think your team would find encouraging. But before you can pull up the link and reply, your phone vibrates. It’s a text message.



On September 19, 1945, the first edition of the Campus News (temporary paper) of the college was issued, while on September 25 a constitution for the Junior College was adopted and presented at an assembly. The college would have to deal with the overwhelming numbers of returning servicemen (veterans) coming in and using the G.I. Bill. About 50,000 men were being discharged in the state every month.

The college was moved to its present 82-acre (33 ha) site on Avenida Cesar Chavez in February 1948. The college is located six miles from the Los Angeles Civic Center. A part of the 2005 Goal! movie was filmed at the ELAC Weingart Stadium stadium. The ELAC men's basketball team is featured in the Netflix series Last Chance U: Basketball, a spin-off series of Last Chance U, which aired on March 10, 2021.

Delilah Kimble Gray played at the East Los Angeles College men’s gym for a high school all-star game. She was then scouted by Assistant Coach Wilbert Knight.

“Last Chance U” hits the hardwood in East Los Angeles as a coach with strong convictions leads young men who hope to fulfill major college potential.

“Last Chance U” hits the hardwood in East Los Angeles as a coach with strong convictions leads young men who hope to fulfill major college potential.



East Los Angeles College (ELAC) is a public community college in Monterey Park, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. It is part of the California Community Colleges System and member of the Los Angeles Community College District. With fourteen communities comprising its primary service area and an enrollment of 35,403 students, ELAC has the largest student body campus by enrollment in the state of California as of 2018. It was located in northeastern East Los Angeles before that part of unincorporated East Los Angeles was annexed by Monterey Park in the early 1970s. The college uses a semester-based academic year. The highest degree offered at East Los Angeles College is an associate degree. ELAC offers non-degree certificates in 27 different fields.

At the end of World War II, another city college was needed, due to a great numbers of returning servicemen. At the time the first and only city college during the 1940s was Los Angeles City College (LACC). Transportation was limited and costly, lowering the number of students able to attend LACC while at the same time the Eastside rapidly becoming an industrial center. Arthur Baum, editor of the East Los Angeles Tribune, headed a citizen's committee, a group of presidents of all clubs and organizations in the community, Principal D. Raymond Brothers of Garfield, County Supervisor Smith, Superintendent Kersey and various industrial leaders. The group presented the proposition of a Junior College to the Los Angeles City Board of Education in a special meeting on March 1, 1945. The Los Angeles Board of Education voted to establish a Junior College to become Elac on the Garfield High School campus. East Los Angeles College would be the second city college (or junior college) existing in the Los Angeles area. The Los Angeles City Board of Education established East Los Angeles College in June 1945. The college opened for classes on September 4, 1945. It opened on the campus of Garfield High School with an enrollment of 373 students and a faculty of nineteen, although the school board authorized a faculty of 25, selected from the faculty of LACC. 107 students attended college classes at Garfield, while 266 attended at L.A. County Hospital in health careers, primarily nursing. The junior college was part of the Los Angeles City Public Schools (L.A. Unified School District today).

East Los Angeles College Campus News is the college's newspaper, and it was established in 1945. The paper is managed by the students after they have successfully completed Journalism 101. A print edition comes out every Wednesday during the Spring and Fall semesters. The current adviser is Jean Stapleton. Other organizations include East Side Spirit and Pride, the organization that founded the Husky marching band on campus, as well as helping to restore the football program in 1995. In addition, ESSP is now the alumni association for the college with Dennis Sanchez as the chairperson and a board of directors of 23 members.

The East Los Angeles Honors Program, which is recognized by the UC system, the Claremont Colleges, Occidental College and Loyola Marymount, offers rigorous courses that are designed to help students transfer and successfully transition to four-year universities. The Honors Program is open to both part and full-time students and requires a 3.0 GPA to apply and be considered for enrollment. Successful completion of the Honors Program guarantees priority consideration for admission at 11 four-year universities throughout California and Washington.

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