AA Dallas to Los Angeles

AA Dallas to Los Angeles

Dallas to Los Angeles

Most people remember early on in their lives that one day, their family would get up and leave their hometown. That day is today for my sister and me. We packed our bags and left a city that we grew up in, to start over in a new place halfway across the country.



Cons: "I did not like that the airline allowed more than 1-2 people to accompany 1 small child when pre-boarding. I happened to be able to go in with the general boarding but was one of those who was first in line within this group. My seat which was 5C already had no overheard room!!! It appears that 1 child was accompanied by 4 adults when they pre-boarded and in addition to their carry-ons, they put their foldable stroller, backpacks and totes in the overhead bin!! The airline announced a request for people to leave the overhead bin spaces for bigger carryons but does not enforce it. Flight attendants should not feel uncomfortable actually asking to whom the backpack or tote belong to and tell passengers to put those under their seats. Somehow, passengers need to be educated on proper etiquette. Also, pre-boarding should only allow 1-2 people to accompany a child or an elderly person. Pre-boarding should not be taken advantage of by all adults traveling with those needing it."

Cons: "Alaska staff (in-person and over the phone) was rude and lacked compassion for loosing my luggage; They were very discourteous about my feelings for having to stay an additional 4 1/2 hours at LGA at the airport to wait for my luggage. I tried to explain that LGA was not my final destination and FedEx'ing my luggage (with no concrete time-frame of delivery) was not an option; I desperately hoped that a compromised could be reached but all staff we not empathetic towards my issue. I tired to explain that because I would now be missing my train to Philadelphia, and would be traveling late, on a Sunday evening, that I'd more likely to be stranded in New York state.The overall demeanor of the Alaska staff was more like 'take it or leave'. I felt like their inconvenience was not amended by a resolution that would make me feel comfortable about ever traveling with Alaska (or Virgin) again. I felt like a burden to an airline to could careless about time and money. This airline does not prioritize customer service. My original LGA arrival time was 440pm, and i was expecting to get home (Philadelphia) at least by 830pm, but because my luggage was misplaced, I missed my train, and the option of busing home. Fortunately, and unfortunately, my luggage was able to get on a late flight to LGA. I did not receive my luggage until 915pm, and did not get home/Philadelphia until 1230am courteous to me purchasing a second/expensive/emergency Amtrak ticket. Thanks Alaska -___-" (Source: www.kayak.com)



Cons: "Connection flight from LAX to Seattle was dropped off of booking completely. When Delta was able to fix the changes in Sydney Australia they put my husbands ticket as a standby instead of putting him in an assigned seat and reported that they couldn't fix it that we would have to wait and get to LAX before the changes could be made again. There was a one and a half hour flight delay from LAX to Seattle. From Sydney Australia to LAX entertainment system didn't work the whole entire flight, they were screaming children the entire flight, and Delta had double booked seats on several different people. There were no apologies and no compensation for any of the incidences." Pros: "On February 15th I was stuck in Dallas from a flight from Cleveland to Los Angeles on an American Airlines flight. Out of desperation, I booked a Spirit flight for what I thought was the next morning from Dallas to LA only to realize a couple of hours later that the flight I booked was for March 16th instead of February 16th! When I called both Kayak and Spirit, I was told “sorry but there will be no refunds or credits issued! Talk about a total waste of my time and money. It’s too bad that given the circumstances of total exhaustion and frustration of trying to get to my destination of LA that out of desperation I accidentally booked a flight for the correct date but the wrong month.

Bid farewell to the Big D and set your sights on the City of Angels. Southwest Airlines® has direct flights from Dallas Love Field to Los Angeles International Airport. Book on Southwest® with confidence, knowing your trip will be easy and enjoyable. Have flexible travel dates? Explore our Low Fare Calendar and see our lowest fares available on any given day. Check out Southwest Vacations® to find deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. (Source: www.southwest.com)



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