How to make money selling photos of you

How to make money selling photos of you

How to make money selling photos of yourself

Are you one of those people whose mobile phones are just loaded with loads of photos of yourself?  Do you have a self-obsession of taking pictures of yourself? To clarify, you have dropped yourself at the right station because, in this article, we will reveal to you some of the best ways to Make money selling photos of yourself.


Who doesn't like taking photos of themselves? Many people love to click pictures of themselves or go for Photoshoots. Some people love to take photos of objects, natural beauty, cats, dogs, animals, or anything. Want to know how to make money Selling photos online of yourself?

Therefore, many people out there are broke, and they need some cash. It would help if you needed some creative stuff to get yourself to earn a handsome amount of money. In this article, we will enlighten how you will make money by Selling feet pictures and pictures of your Body. Women are the best game-changer in this money-making the game as they know how to manipulate any guy and urge him to buy her paintings. There are tons of websites out there in the market where you can see  Best photoshoot ideas and websites where you can show off yourself and sell your photos.

As a result, everyone has their taste and style, but what makes different one human being from another is their lifestyle and layout.

Are you one of those people who don't delete their photos for years?  People have around 5000 pictures in your phone that you don't even post to Facebook and Instagram. So, organizing a massive volume of images is a tedious way to free up space in your phone and make them money from them instead.

Let’s Turn your Photos into Cash:

Websites To Make Money and Sell Photos Online


Many online photo selling platforms give you the facility to sell your pictures on their platform. You can be paid higher if you follow your client's rules and the rules of the forum on which you are selling photos of yourself. We have added some great websites where you can sell pictures of yourself and earn money. You can quickly sell stock photos on these websites mentioned below.

Stock Websites to make money selling photos online:



1: SmugMug

A website that offers you a neat platform where you can sell photos of yourself. You need to register yourself to get started. You can design a layout of your page moneyforwallet.smugmug.com.

They have got three membership programs. However, they also offer you 14 days trial pack. You can keep almost 85% of your earnings from every single pic that you sell on Smugmug. If you are planning to start your photo website, try this platform and start making money. Earn for yourself, earn by yourself. Life photos can be captured and uploaded on SmugMug.

2: 500px (500px prime sell photos)

Are you a professional photographer, or you just capturing photos that look professional? Do you know yourself as a good photographer? Above all, do you have had a DSLR or any professional camera, then the wait is over. This website is highly recommended for you. Along with 7 million registered members, they have a dedicated team who carefully checks every picture (that you have posted). You need to follow the rules of the websites. The images should be in JPEG format with a minimum 3MP file size. Also, the images should be saved in RGB color mode. You can also make money selling photos of yourself on Snap chat premium. Get paid for pictures of your Body.  Disney photography is also in demand.

You can sell your one single Photo for $250. You can withdraw your payment via PayPal. 500px charges 30% from each image you sold.

3: Etsy

We are sure that you must not know how ETSY works. We know ETSY as a shopping platform where you can list your items and sell them. ETSY charges a fee, and you are all set up to run your business. But do you know that ETSY takes $0.20 as a fee plus a 5% transaction fee? This technically means that you can sell your photos for around $100 and pay them a higher cost of $5.20. how does it sound? This might not be an easy way to sell pictures of yourself, but you can choose your own choice for each image that you sell.

4: Snapchat Premium:

People do on snap chat post their daily routine on Snapchat stories, but the less they know, the less they perform. Snapchat premium account authorizes you to view somebody's reports. Women are selling photos of themselves on Snapchat and earning very high. People can join Snapchat premium after paying to view your videos and pictures. You can out a price and set your account as a premium. Many girls are selling NOODLES on Snapchat premium. However, they are earning significant amounts by doing this. If you are one of those desperate girls who want to pass their time and sell photos of yourself, then this platform is best for you. There are many H** out there who would happily pay to view the pictures of yourself with a  price you have set.

5: Shutterstock

I want to sell pictures? do you have this question in your mind? Shutterstock is known to be one of the oldest stock photos selling platform.  You can earn up to $120 for a signal picture. Shutter stock is the best platform that is paying $1 billion to its members. On Shutterstock, you can earn up to 40% on selling your every video and image Shutterstock. Sell your art at Shutterstock. You can also sell vector images. They are high in demand. Shutterstock has a referral program. You can earn up to $200 per person.


Art of Selling Photos Online:


There are many ways you can quickly sell photos of yourself online. However, below we have mentioned some tips and tricks with which you can sell photos online. You can also call it the art of selling pictures online.

Where can I sell photos of myself? 

Start Blog and Sell Images

Blogging is the best way to help the world explore what you have got in you. Yes, through blogging, you can easily connect yourself to the world of an unlimited audience. Where are many buyers out there who would find your image helpful for their content? This is the initial step towards success; the best is to learn some basics about SEO and keyword research. Nature Photographers are earning very high due to their skills.

Start YouTube Channel

Start your own YouTube Channel. This is the best way to promote yourself. Selling photos of you requires some tactics. It would help if you met the technology demands to sell your images. You can talk about your photos in videos and upload them on YouTube in a more attractive way. Surprise your audience with excellent quality content and ask your viewers if they are interested in buying photos of yourself for any campaign. Add in some cool background in your images, and any desktop image would be great.

Become Freelancer

If you think about yourself starting nay business or just selling photos of yourself, you can offer your services as a freelancer. You registered yourself as a  freelancer on the website Fiverr or Truelancer, or Futurestarr. And create the best of your services. Try to share your services, your expertise and sell your talent.

Things you will need to sell photos of yourself:

If you are one of those who doesn't afford a DSLR, you can always choose to use your phone instead. Yes, everyone owns a smartphone these days. Some of the mobile phones come with a high-quality camera. Use your phone to take photos.

Tips to make the best Images to make money selling photos of yourself:


Selling photos of you online requires a lot of potential than just signing in to any website; it's essential to always think about what you are looking for. If you are looking for people how will buy your images, you have to match their standards. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before proceeding with Earning money selling photos. Make passive income online with these easy tips. 

Tip 1:  Good Lighting

Good lighting is the crucial factor that should be perfectly fit the background. Yes, perfect lighting reflects your image. If you are taking pictures in dim lighting, you might not engage many audiences with your photographs. Even if you are selling your photos on any social media platform, you might not want people to ignore your photos.

In this article, we have compiled dup each and everything you might need to take bright stunning clear images. In the initial stage, you might need to invest in a bit for lighting equipment. Play around with your camera. We suggest you use a DSLR while taking photos of yourself. Sunlight is the perfect companion to success in this regard. Use as much sunlight as you can in your photos.

Tip 2:  The Right Subjects

Pursuing your passion for Photography is not difficult now. You can press the start button in your life and go with the flow in the crucial stage. Pay attention to what type of photos you are going to take. Find relevant platforms to sell them. Please go through all the stock photo websites and know about their term and conditions. Look at the categories what categories do they want. There are many websites where you can sell photos of yourself.


2.Getty Images

3.Adobe Stock



If you are working as a blogger and want to target an audience to buy your photos, you can contact some famous companies and ask them what type of images will fit the requirements. Work on different projects with them. As an influencer, you tend to take perfect photos of yourself. You will negotiate with them and sell your photos to them wearing their sponsored dress or jewelry or any other wearable item. People who post daily tend to have a large audience compared to bloggers who don't post much or post only on weekdays.

Tip 3:  Understand the meaning of Photography

A man should always follow the road to education. Brush up your talent by learning some photography skills. There are tons of online courses available on the internet that can help you learn new photography skills. Know the true meaning of Photography by taking some online courses. You can n roll yourself in an online system at Udemy. Udemy provides you detailed lessons to different guides. You can also learn Disney photography tips here.

You can also check some YouTube videos. In youtube, many professional experts are giving people awareness about Photography, which you might never learn in photography schools. Keep taking pictures of yourself and work on your editing skills. The more you do, the more you become better.  

Tip 4:  Get Editing Software

Get your hands on to the perfect editing software. The critical element of a perfect picture is the editing. Polish your editing skills. To be the best photographer, you need to organize and manage your images. Even the best to polishing your photos up before you list them for sale. Even many top notch photographers take some time and edit their pictures before posting them. there are tons of editing software out there; some of them are mentioned below:

Adobe Lightroom



Gimp and Canva’s are free platforms where you can play with lots of images free of copyrights.

High-Quality Images Sell Best


When you attend an industry convention, you might hear a lot of advice from people, but if you are one of those who always take photos, you might consider selling them to earn some extra bucks. Make money your hobby. Please do not waste your time in only capturing pictures; instead, sign up and sell them, and it's as easy as it's said. Focus on your job. If Photography is your job buy the perfect equipment. High-Quality images are rapidly sold.

How to make money selling photos of your Body:

We have talked about selling stock photos and selling photos of yourself. But did you know that you can get paid to sell pictures of your Body as well? Yes, you can. Selling N*d*S is another way to earn money in the world of the internet. Many cam sites and phone sexting companies allow you to sell pictures to people asking for them. You can sell my Body for money.




Is it Safe To Sell Your Photos Online?

Your Photo is your property, but not everyone has the right to use it in a way to spoil you. You can sell your photos as art. Selling images doesn’t mean that you have to show your face images. You can sell landscape images and stock images object paintings online. If you are okay with selling photos of yourself, then it's lovely to sell them. All you need to do is follow some steps mentioned below to avoid any problem.

 Try not to show your face to the world.

While interacting with the online world, try using flitters in live sessions, so you don't get recognized by your neighbor.

Do not sell your nudes as long as you are 18+

Never met your customers in real life.

All of the tips mentioned above are for girls who are planning to sell photos of their Bodies.

We suggest you sell simple images for companies that worth then you should first check the company's profile before working with them. On the internet, it's a vast world where everyone is in the urge to sell and buy something. Back in 2000, no one knows that pictures could worth a million. But in this tech world, you can quickly sell your images and earn from them by sitting in the comfort of your home.


You don't need to go out and purchase something or go to work. All you can do is perform these activities by sitting in your home. You can arrange meetings at ZOOM, order Groceries from apps, Teach online, work online, and much more. Tell us which of the website mentioned above did you tried your luck with Photography? Did you find this article helpful? Please share this article with your friends and family whom you think might start seeing photos of themselves and start earning. Help others make some extra bucks. It's never too late to reach for a living. Start from today. Find the best in you and polish your skills.




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