Famous nature photographers

Famous nature photographers

Famous nature photographers


Nature-photography is the art of photographing, typically outdoors, flora, fauna, or landscapes, in such a way as to portray their beauty, grandeur or uniqueness. It is also the act of making pictures of nature or the natural environment. They are called rather broadly as nature photography.

To be considered for this list of the top 10 most influential nature photographers of all-time. These famous nature-photographers had to have left a lasting impact either on society or on future photographers. Most of these photographers can be considered revolutionary in their own right. As opposed to evolutionary which is the category in which the majority of photographers fall under. There are many photographers in recent years who have made a name for themselves in the digital era but . It is too soon to know who from this era will leave a lasting historical impact on future generations. For illustrative purposes, I've included a selection of my own nature-photography within this article. (Source: www.rwongphoto.com)


Nature photography has recently come up as a subject that is of high interest to photography enthusiasts. These well-known photographers are better known by their style of photography and have always been recognized for their work. Nature-photographers have been developing their skills over the years. So they are those that have been able to capture some of the most eloquent scenes of the natural world. These photographs are also a way that these photographers have found to share their own unique perspective with the world.

Eliot Porter (1901 - 1990)– In contrast with Ansel Adams’ big landscape style, Porter’s photos were more “quiet” and focused. On the intimate landscape scenes that are easily overlooked. It is easy to overlook his body of work in favor of postcard views. But one needs to only look at the photographers that he influenced to see that his work has left a lasting impact. Photographers including William Neill and Charlie Cramer have styles that bear a strong resemblance to Porter’s vision. (Source: www.rwongphoto.com)


Famous nature photographers

Adam Hartley is a British nature-photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of wolves and other canines. While he is passionate about animals, Adam feels that “family was the most important consideration”.

Ansel Adams is the most famous nature-photographer in history – he’s also well known for his environmental conservation efforts. (Source: shotkit.com)


Many people often wonder what type of animal they should photograph, . But they don't realize just how much they can impact the lives of the animals they spend their time photographing. Famous nature-photographer Adam sets out to make a difference by providing the animals in the reserves. He photographs with a voice by taking photographs of the animals that exist. But those animals don't always speak English, let alone human language.

More than a world-renowned photographer, Adams was also a conservationist who adamantly supported the Sierra Club environmental organization. Which led to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks’ founding. Furthermore, Ansel Adams also shared his photography knowledge as a teacher at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles . And was even commissioned to photograph the National Parks. (Source: www.pelican.com)



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