20 Clever Ways to Make Money on The Side

20 Clever Ways to Make Money on The Side

With increasing expenses and savings, one needs to go to earn extra as a side hustle. There are many side hustle ideas & affiliate links out there. Only we need to do is choose what works best for us. According to one's time schedules and work times, carefully we need to go sideways of earning extra money. Make sure to use cash-back apps!


Students with loans are always in search of side hustles that would help them finish their student loans as soon as possible. Student loans are good if paid faster. Hence, these side jobs will make you earn thousands of dollars per month.

There are a lot of ways to make money with side hustles. You can earn up to $1000 per month in some side gigs that we will be telling young this article. With experience and some of the side hustle lets, you earn more than that.

Likewise, all the woks need hard work and dedication, simply anything will not come into the pocket. So, to make extra money we are here with a list of the best ways to make money on the side with side hustles.

People with debt, are also in search of making extra money to clear them as soon as possible. And people go in search of part-time jobs, trying to make much money as possible to clear debt and make a living in a better way.


Best side hustle ideas to make extra money:

To make extra money and earn by side hustles these are some places we can work or get ideas to earn and make money.

Dropshipping business:

Drop shipping

It is one of the best and easy side hustle ideas you can go for. In dropshipping, what you need to do is just be a middle person. You need to sell things to the customers by keeping a bit of profit to yourself.

You need not buy things first or make an investment, instead of market them to the customer, and on buying you can keep the profit on each product and tell the price. The supplier will deliver them directly to the customers.

You can go for any products, like clothing, makeups, kitchen supplies, there are many options for these days that lets you have this as a side hustle. A successful drop shipper with the right suppliers can make money up to $100,000 per year.



This is another best way to make money on the side. One can make from $50 to $2000. You can create logos for clients, write content and articles, help in social media management, and can make money in addition to your present income and get paid per hour.

This is one of the best side jobs to do sitting at your home. You can go for which on sites like, freelancer, Upwork and Fiver, and more.

Lady working as a freelancer


With affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is another way to make extra money. One can earn more than $50 per referral sometimes. It depends on whom you make partners with and what product you start marketing.

Affiliate marketing

Print on demand store:

If you are good at creating graphic design, artwork, or even photography works. Then you must go for it. Print on demand allows you to sell your designs, artwork on various products from a t-shirt to a cup.

Here you can either open your store or you can go through others. On others here means drop shipping other stores or apps, where you need to design, add them to your store there, and market to your customer. When got sold the fulfillment of the orders and shipping are done by the print-on-demand company.

One can make money up to $2000 each month if you have best-selling designs.



Blogging is the best type of side hustle that lets you make money with each blog you post. You can start a blog with any niche you are interested in. When people like your blog, you can earn through it. Also adding affiliate links or linking to the online stores lets you earn extra cash.

Your dropshipping stores can get help through it as well and these all will let you make extra money. You can blog on things that you are good at, something that's inspiring, or trending. When your blog gets trending you earn.


Instagram influencer:

Instagram app

If you have great fashion sense, you can cook well or you are a fitness freak anyone can become an influencer. When you get sponsored, each sponsored post, Instagram takeovers, or selling products on your website, affiliate links all this will let you make money online.

One can charge from $300 to $500 per post. When the followers are increased you can make more and more money with that. Hence, with social media platforms, some earn well.

Virtual assistant:

Virtual assistant

The virtual assistant is a type of hustle that has huge demand. One staying at a remote place help a company in administration, social media, bookkeeping, and more. The business owners to handle their tasks need virtual assistants.

A virtual assistant can be for growing one's business and help to maintain them or also can be for social media management and get paid per hour. There are many business owners in search of a virtual assistant.

Depending on one's skills and capability, one can make $40 and more per hour.


Female Photographer

If photography is your passion and something on which you are good. Then you can make money with this as well.

Get a good camera and start taking photos and start selling them. By selling your photos to local publications and blogs, you can make money with every photo you sell.

By selling photos online, you can make up to hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. And if you go for event photography you can earn up to a couple of thousand dollars per event.

These were some of the best side hustle ideas to do for extra money-making purposes. Not only these but there are also many other places to work for and earn up to dollars and make extra money.

Selling stuff on eBay or any other sites:

Book in a box from a online shippment

One can sell used items or kinds of stuff that are of no use. It can be sold on eBay or other sites, and you can make money out of it.

You can also collect items from others then sell them with some commission on them. Just what you need is a good photo and description to make some extra money online.

Driving for Uber or Lyft:

You like driving and good at it, then this side hustle is something you can try for sure. When you are done with your 9-5 job you can then go for driving uber. You can shoe your availability in these apps that lets you work according to your availability and get paid per hour.

Tutoring and teaching courses:

Tutoring is one of the best side hustle one can have. All the students do need a private tutor for their studies. So, if you got enough education and knowledge then go for it and get paid per subject.

This era has turned into online. If you are good at teaching you can go for teaching students online. There is a huge demand for online tutors everywhere. You can teach academics subjects or any subjects.

You can also create an online course and teach them. It could be cooking, baking, fitness, beauty, fashion designing or any skill you good at, you can go for teaching it. And hence get paid per hour.

Renting room and car:

If you got a big apartment, and you are in search of a side hustle, then you can rent your room. Rooms for rents are in great demand and one of the best ways to get paid per month.

You can also rent out your car for somebody in need. You can make good money out of it. You can also give your car at the car-sharing marketplace and make extra money per day.

Delivery service:

Grocery store shipping to food delivery or package of online shopping it never stops or is ongoing stuff with full traffic. And there is always vacancy for delivery service.

This too helps you make extra money per month ad is one of the best part-time jobs. Many grocery stores are in search of people for this job. These micro-jobs too let you earn good cash for the services you provide.

Create a channel on YouTube:

Social media never fails to give you what you are looking for. The same goes when you trying to make extra money as well.

Creating one's channel on YouTube has made many millionaires. One can make money as much as a successful businessman. Some earn up to millions per month when the channel gets proper views and subscriptions.

What you need to do is select a niche on something you are good at, or which is in trend, and create videos and upload it on your channel. With each view, you get you can make extra cash out of it.

Pet sitting:

Pet sitting is one of the fun and lovely side hustles to do. You got time and you are crazy about pets, then you can have pet sitting as your side job and make extra money.

There are plenty of pet owners who are always in need of pet sitters. And, ready to pay you a good amount of money. Hence you can make extra money from this side hustle per month and get paid per day.


If you love kids and good at handling them this is the best side hustle you can go for.

Parents are always in need of a babysitter. Also, the money you get paid will be good. this too is a fun and good money-making side hustle.

Local tour guides:

If you love tourism and places and keep knowledge on places, sites, and spots, and stay at tourist places then you can become a guide and make it your side job.

Real estate agent:

Getting commissions is an easier way to get extra cash. And being a real estate agent needs to talk well and keep knowledge on stuff around. And you will get paid nicely.

These are some of the side hustles you can go for and make extra cash. There are some cash-back apps as well that let you make money. These cash-back apps can be used by all and anyone who is looking to make extra money sitting at home.

Gift cards:

You can earn from gift cards as well. The gift cards you get, either you can sell them, or you can get them. Some make $25 per gift card. Swagbucks, amazon, using credit cards, and shopping at some sites will give you gift cards, and you can get extra cash from it.

Swagbucks are a trending site where gift cards are received on taking part in different tasks. You can get a gift card by playing games, shopping, taking surveys through survey sites and these survey sites provide you some vouchers and gift cards.

And many more. These could be sold to your friends, family members, or neighbors. You can get a credit score on shopping which again lets you make cash. You can also go for focus groups and get cash.

Gig economy different type:

SB disc cards

From working at yard work to being a mechanical Turk, all these services and ways let you earn $5-10 dollars an hour.

With all these side gigs, you can add money to your bank account directly. One with side hustle can make up too many several thousand dollars per month.

These services can be given through the phone itself. These days work from home can be seen everywhere. Making one give away their services and make extra, and clear debt or student loans or keep pocket filled. Even high school students these days provide services in these side jobs.

This part-time job helps people in earning extra cash as well as make them independent and grow their skill set.


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