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)Founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife team Matt and Woori Kim, SomiSomi captured the attention of Angelenos and their Instagram feeds with its signature Korean ah-boong — eye-popping fish-shaped waffles filled with colorful soft serve in flavors like black sesame, matcha, and ube. The chain also sells its soft serve in cups and cones, along with Japanese taiyaki (fish-shaped waffles stuffed with custard, sweet red beans, and other fillings). SomiSomi’s 19 locations in California, Hawaii, and Texas are largely operated by franchisees who pay a $39,000 franchising fee and an $8,500 training fee for the right to do so, according to the company’s website. SomiSomi also receives an ongoing 6.5 percent royalty fee on all franchise stores’ sales. The dessert chain’s rapid rise has been fueled in part by the popularity of Instagram food — culinary creations that are “over-the-top, intensely trend-driven, and visually arresting,” as Amanda Mull wrote for Eater. (Source:

The ice cream melted really fast so this was the only good picture I got. I was surprised at how mild the ube flavor was. For me, the milk overwhelmed the ube. I preferred the matcha and black sesame combination where both flavors really came through. In general, the soft serve was good but not necessarily the best. I would prefer a mix with a higher fat content for a richer ice cream. However, they were still lovely, creamy and enjoyable. (


Lim, along with her husband Daniel Hwang, opened the Temple City location on January 24, 2020. The shop was forced to close on March 17 due to state- and city-wide mandates to curb the spread of COVID-19. Lim saw an 80 percent decrease in sales when the store reopened toward the end of May. The lower volume made it financially difficult for her to purchase the new waffle machine required by SomiSomi and to participate in a chain-wide marketing campaign that honored first responders with free ice cream, according to court documents. (Source:

I’ve been mesmerized by this dessert creation which first started filling my Instagram feed nearly a year ago. So I was very excited when a shop opened in Los Angeles. Ah-Boong is a popular dessert from Korea inspired by Japanese taiyaki, which are fish shaped waffles. The Korean version features a fish shaped cone, called boong-uh-bbang, which is then filled with a filling and topped with soft serve ice cream. (Source:



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