Soap2 is a simple, real-time communication network. Soap2 is an asynchronous, decentralized platform for the reading, creation, and publishing of text. Users can read, create, and publish text messages and any other format to the Soap2 network. The Soap2 message format is based on the premise that text cannot be easily consumed by machines and it is not essential for machines to process text.

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The original Soap2 was written in 2006 by John Dobson. (Computer Science) It was written as a program for how to get a clean programming language.

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Soap2 is a concept that is explored in the article. The author goes on to outline how the concept works, why it is beneficial, and the potential ramifications of utilizing it.

SOAP2 is a significantly improved version of the short oligonucleotide alignment program that both reduces computer memory usage and increases alignment speed at an unprecedented rate. We used a Burrows Wheeler Transformation (BWT) compression index to substitute the seed strategy for indexing the reference sequence in the main memory. We tested it on the whole human genome and found that this new algorithm reduced memory usage from 14.7 to 5.4 GB and improved alignment speed by 20-30 times. SOAP2 is compatible with both single- and paired-end_reads. Additionally, this tool now supports multiple text and compressed file formats. A consensus builder has also been developed for consensus assembly and SNP detection from alignment of short reads on a reference genome. http://soap.genomics.org.cn. (Source: www.meta.org)



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