published book on resume

published book on resume

Long before you add your self-published book to your author resume, you will have attended to the professional aspects of writing and publishing the book. To create a finished product worthy of being added to your resume, it must be well-edited and designed prior to publication. To make your book worthy of a spotlight, team up with the experts at Gatekeeper Press. These self-publishing professionals can help polish your manuscript, format it for publication, and even design your book cover. Reach out to Gatekeeper Press at (866) 535-0913 or online today!


Job seekers whose experience includes research and publications often wonder how to include that information in their resumes. After all, few resume templates are designed to highlight such accomplishments, and most people are reluctant to significantly alter those widely-accepted resume formats. So, how can people in the scientific or academic fields properly showcase their research and publications on a resume or academic curriculum vitae (CV)? We have the tips you need to properly document those important achievements, and citation examples you can use as a helpful guide.

On my CV I have a section entitled 'Publications' in which I list all the short stories, poems, chapbooks, and articles I've published over the last few years. It doesn't have to be completely exhaustive (I left out some articles that were just basic freelancing for small newspapers for example) but I think it's a good way for potential employers to see that you're capable of successfully completing projects. It can also be useful in the sense that it demonstrates that there is an audience for your writing. (Source: www.reddit.com)


Pick the right style for your list. You don’t need to follow MLA (Modern Language Association) or APA (American Psychological Association) styling, rather you can make a list that covers the title of the work, where it was published, and the date it was featured. As an example: “Components of Neo-gothic Churches in Nineteenth-Century England” British Journal of Architecture, June 2018

Having one or more published works listed on your resume can help you stand out as an applicant to a job or graduate program. Listing your publications on a resume also provides employers with proof of your writing and research skills which can help to highlight your qualifications. This article explains how to modify your resume format to include relevant publications and when to enhance your resume with published material. (Source: www.resume.com)


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