No Return Premieres Tonight on ITV

No Return Premieres Tonight on ITV

No Return Premieres Tonight on ITV

No Return ITV

No Return is a new ITV drama that follows the family of a mother who is missing her son. It stars Sheridan Smith as Kathy Powell, a single mum with two young children who goes on a Turkish all-inclusive holiday. While there, her son, Noah, is arrested and accused of a violent crime - which could land him in prison for years. As his parents fight for his freedom, they find themselves in a tense situation that requires them to work to uncover the truth behind the incident.

No Return is a new drama series that follows the family as they navigate a legal situation overseas. It stars Sheridan Smith as Kathy, who is looking forward to a relaxing all-inclusive holiday with her husband, Martin. Noah, played by Louis Ashbourne Serkis, is accused of sexual assault and is arrested for it. The entire family must fight for Noah's freedom, and the episode premieres tonight on ITV.

No Return features an ensemble cast that includes Sheridan Smith and Jodie Campbell. The actresses also bring a strong sense of realism to the show. Sheridan Smith plays Kathy, Jodie Campbell plays Rosie, and Michael Jibson plays Martin. Meanwhile, Louis Ashbourne Serkis, the son of Andy Serkis, is cast as Noah. Other cast members include Rufus Hound, Sian Brooke, and Jodie Campion. No Return promises to explore themes of parental love and guilt, and the issue of teenage consent.

No Return has a stellar cast. Sheridan Smith stars as Kathy Powell, while Jodie Campbell plays Rosie. Louis Ashbourne Serkis plays Noah, who has been accused of sexual assault. He is the youngest son of Andy Serkis, and is the grandson of Lorraine Ashbourne. No Return is a powerful drama that will leave viewers breathless. It is a must-watch for everyone's viewing pleasure!

The show's trailer gives viewers a sneak preview of what to expect from the upcoming episodes. No Return stars Sheridan Smith and Martin, as well as Quiz star Michael Jibson as Noah's father. The plot revolves around the family's legal situation and their relationship with one another. The characters are all related, and the plot moves between the father and the daughter. The two couples fight for their innocence.

The cast includes Sheridan Smith, who plays the titular character, Rosie. Sheridan Campbell and Michael Jibson play her husband, Martin, and Noah. Sheridan Smith plays Kathy, while Rufus Hound plays Martin's father, Noah's lawyer, Rico Karvalci. No Return is a four-part drama that premieres on ITV on Monday, February 7. It is produced by Danny Brocklehurst and is based on the Harlan Coben novel Stay Close.

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