My Goldman Sachs Resume For Investment Banking

My Goldman Sachs Resume For Investment Banking

Goldman Sachs Resume

All of us want to live up to the legacy that our parents or grandparents would be proud of, and the proof is in the pudding. For every move you make, there's a lesson in it, and as a professional, it's up to you to learn from that. Learning comes with a price tag—often, learning is difficult and time-consuming. Maybe living up to the legacy will be a struggle in the road, but you should be willing to pay that price.


If you’re still in school, you likely have limited work experience to detail on your resume. Instead, have your resume focus on your education and the things you’ve done outside the classroom. Were you on the dean’s list? Did you graduate with honors? Were you active in campus organizations or the local community? Were you involved in athletics? Include any extracurricular activities you participated in, especially if they involved leadership skills, and list any and all awards you’ve won. These will help demonstrate your determination and ability to thrive in a team – which are valuable skills in any company.This often seems strange to candidates who are fully committed to investment banking. Aren’t everyone applying to investment banking passionate about finance? The truth is, banks get a ton of applications from people who just apply without knowing much about the job. People who learn about investment banking last minute and decide to give it a shot. It’s very risky for the banks to hire these people even if they have a history of excellence because they can quickly realize they don’t like the work. By looking for proven interest in finance on the resume, the banks can screen them out.

As for other skills, like programming languages (i.e. Javascript, Python) and design software (i.e. Illustrator, Photoshop), they’re irrelevant. In fact, the banks might not even allow you to code or install design software on your work computer. They take IT infrastructure very seriously. The bulge-bracket and elite boutique banks have in-house programming and design teams anyways. Said differently, those skills are irrelevant to the investment banking role you’re applying. Now, if you won some coding national championship or design contest, that’s different. That shows a track record of excellence. You can write these elsewhere on the resume. Welcome to the Goldman Sachs online event registration search engine. At this time you can search and register for select recruiting events. The events posted on this site are for candidates who can apply for our internship, new analyst and new associate positions. Please note that not all events are currently public and can be found through the event registration search engine. If you are interested in attending a Goldman Sachs event at your location, please check with your career service office or university. Certain events may require the submission of additional information such as a resume/CV, cover letter or essay. These additional documents will not be used for any purpose other than for the event itself. Resultant application/s to additional Goldman Sachs programs or positions will require the submission of a separate resume/CV and Cover Letter. (Source: goldmansachs.tal.net)


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