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Manuela Testolini

Manuela Testolini


Non profit

Manuela is a non profit worker. In her position, she serves as the point person for advice, guidance and support for individuals. Or families prior to or after an abortion or miscarriage. She provides assistance in understanding the process, deciding and accessing options, and what to expect during and after the procedures. She also offers support for current or past clients.

Manuela Testolini is a Canadian charity worker who is better recognized as the former wife of late American singer-songwriter. Prince, and the current wife of American singer-songwriter and actor Eric Benét. She has worked with a number of charities including Love4One Another, Free Arts Minnesota, and the Young Women’s Empowerment Network. She later went on to establish the non-profit organization named 'In A Perfect World' and presently serves as its president. The organization provides education and support to at-risk youths in places around the world including Mali, Malawi, Senegal, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Nepal. For its services, the foundation has received 'Award of Service from United Communities Against Poverty'. The 'GuideStar Platinum Seal Award', and the 'Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Fearless Leader Award'. Both she and her husband have traveled around the world to build schools for the organization. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)


Manuela Testolini has been working with Prince for close to two decades . And is credited as having helped to create Prince's vision for the company's original commercials. She also helped to plan and execute the company's first-ever international win in a major ad campaign. The image of which is being used as a marketing tool to this day.

In the year since icon and visionary Prince died at the age of 57. We’ve learned more about him in death. From those who knew him best than we could ever hope to. Among those to come forward and share memories of the late legend is Prince’s ex wife Manuela Testolini. Testolini was married to Prince from 2001 to 2006. And where many divorced couples might have nothing but bad things to say about their former spouse. Manuela’s memories of Prince are largely positive. And include a secret that he often sought to keep from the public eye: his lifetime of charity work. (Source:iloveclassicrock.com)


Manuela Testolini reveals the ten things that are important in life. She provides tips on how to find what's important and the different types of love that people can have.

Testolini says that she’s since incorporated much of what she learned from working on Prince’s company into In a Perfect World. She pushes females to the forefront. Ensuring that the schools she builds abroad have balanced gender enrollment so that girls aren’t at home doing domestic duties. In the U.S., she continues to support the same young women’s empowerment conferences that she worked on while at Love 4 One Another. She also followed Prince’s lead with In a Perfect World by covering its overhead herself so that donations go directly to its outreach programs. “I believe this is the kind of company Prince would have approved of and continued to be proud of,” she says. (Source: www.rollingstone.com)


Manuela Testolini heartily loved her hometown of Brussels, and was devoted to helping others there. As she had done through her career as a teacher. His career as a musician had brought him fame, but at times he wasn't always sure the livelihood of his future. When he met Manuela a few years back, he found the stability he had never known. In her company, he found a love for her that he had never known before.

Businesswoman Manuela Testolini has quite a fascinating dating history, including her 5-year marriage to legendary singer Prince. She is currently married to Halle Berry's ex-husband, Eric Benet. Here is all you need to know about her. (Source: news.amomama.com)

Current Spouse

Testolini has been in the public eye for a long time. She’s been on one reality show after the other. Pitching home and garden projects which have taught her a few things about being in the spotlight. But she has found her greatest role yet. Being brave enough to open up about her recent divorce from Princes, her ex-spouse, following their 10 year marriage. She and Prince famously had a 10 year marriage that was documented on one reality show after another.

You may recognize the name of Manuela Testolini's current husband, as he was Mr. Halle Berry for a number of years. Yes! Manuela Testolini has been married to Eric Benet since July 31, 2011, according to ABC News. Benet met Berry in 1997 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, according to People. They married in 2001 and separated in 2003. (Source: www.nickiswift.com)


Manuela Testolini is a non-profit worker who accidentally became a power couple with Prince Amukamara. The two wed in 2010 and divorced later that same year. She is now married to ex-boyfriend Prince and has a one year old son with the footballer, who is on the Giants.

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