Management Consultant Resume.

Management Consultant Resume.

Management Consultant Resume

There will always be aspects of your resume that you need to revise or update.


As a consultant, you've developed and honed your skillset to provide valuable recommendations, advice, and solutions for clients, organizations, and businesses. Whether you supply an array of services or concentrate your efforts in a specialized area, you provide the tools, secrets, and know-how companies need to stay relevant, increase their revenue, and surpass the competition.

Every assessment system needs a set of standards to base the scoring on. Management consulting is a very unique field and therefore requires somewhat unconventional grading criteria. That is why the very first step to beginning writing your consulting resume is to understand the values that consulting firms cherish and to make sure that every inch of your resume reflects those values. (Source: mconsultingprep.com)


Boutique or MBB, they are all management consulting firms, so they tend to look for the same kind of people – good leadership abilities, high achieving mindset, and structured problem-solving skills. Your “personal resume template” will need to somehow convey all of those qualities and experiences to the screener, in the best possible way (even if boutique consulting firms may not have the luxury to recruit the “creme de la creme” as MBB firms, you should still strive for the best as it increases your chances of passing).

What that means for the applicants is they need to demonstrate highly relevant industry experience – if you’re aiming for, say Putnam Associates (a healthcare consultancy), you will benefit greatly from a Harvard Medical School bachelor’s degree and a few years of work experience with pharmaceuticals. Nonetheless, I have to stress again that you’re still writing a consulting resume, so you must demonstrate all the consulting skills and qualifications required – leadership, achieving, and structured problem-solving. (Source: mconsultingprep.com)


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