Landscaping Resume Examples

Landscaping Resume Examples

Landscaping Resume Examples


Landscaping resume examples allow you to put your best foot forward when seeking your first landscaping job. These will show prospective employers what your professional landscape experience looks like. Plus, employers will see that you’ve been taking care of your previous clients and/or customers as well.


A landscaper’s primary duties are ; repairs structures, trim trees, flowering plants, fall clean-ups, edging around flower beds, operating gardening tools, chain saws, and ground maintenance tasks. These tasks are often performed consistently, for prolonged periods so make sure you include as much relevant tasks in your work history to show the depth of experience in your work history. In the landscaping job application process, ensure you follow our landscaping resume examples to produce the best results. To avoid making some of the common mistakes, ensure you adhere to the following tips:

A Landscaper will take charge of cultivating and providing care to landscapes and grounds that surround the buildings or business. The job description includes planting flowers, mowing, pulling weeds, repairing structures, and maintaining the building exteriors. The most common work activities included on the Landscaper Resume are the following – performing ground keeping tasks, mowing the lawn using hand or by riding lawnmower, cutting lawns using power tools; landscaping by planting flowers, grass and bushes; applying fertilizers to enhance growth, spraying pesticides to prevent bug and pest attacks; trimming shrubs, pulling weeds and performing related maintenance tasks as required. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


Regularly (2/3 of the time or more) stand for prolonged periods of time; balance; repeat motions more than twice per minute; use close vision with or without corrective lens (clear vision at 20 inches or less); use distance vision with or without corrective lens (clear vision at 20 feet or more); use color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors); use peripheral vision (ability to observe an area that can be seen up and down or to the left and right while eyes are fixed on a given point); use depth perception (vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships); adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus whine in changing light conditions e.g. sunshine to indoor or dark conditions); work in varied light conditions including low or diminished lighting; maintain alertness and attentiveness up to 4 hours while working varying hours; maintain concentration/focus (ability to interpret the work environment and make decisions on predetermined operating policies and procedures); work in small or tight spaces, use the ability to taste and sme

The bulk of your Landscape Worker resume should be the Work Experience section. While this section should include your relevant job titles, employers, and the dates you were employed, it should also highlight your accomplishments and key skills. In addition, you should highlight important soft skills like collaboration and communication, since you will almost certainly need to work with customers and other professionals to bring any landscaping vision to life. For example, let's dissect two bullet points from the example above: • Created striking landscape designs applying years of industry knowledge. With this simple statement, you highlight your experience in the industry and emphasizes your knowledge base. You also focus attention on your design capabilities, with language that points to your creativity and commitment to aesthetic appeal. •__ Collaborated with senior leaders to support landscaping projects, including quality paving, digging, concrete mixing, [Task] and [Task]. This statement focuses on your ability to work with others to accomplish project goals. Many landscaping jobs require a variety of different contractor types. Here, you are emphasizing your experience in collaborating with different professionals to ensure that your customer’s vision is fully realized. (Source: www.zipjob.com)


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